Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Dear Family,
This week was great! we were able to have a lesson with our new investigator, April. And guess what!!! She's set with a date for baptism! 23rd of March! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of baptism, on saturday... and we had stake conference on sunday and guess what Elder Ballard talked about?? the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  So that was pretty great!
Well transfers are this week and Elder Golden and I are gonig to be staying together for another 6 weeks! so we have some more chances to baptize that investigator that our president told us to lol. I think it will go well! We both will hopefully be able to continue to work together well and be able to continue to be patient haha.
Well we've had a pretty fun week! We went tracting for a few hours this last friday and we found some cool people that might actually want us to stop by sometime again!!! that never happens! I think I may have told you but in case I havent... We found an investigator off of tracting! This guy, after we told him about lessons and stuff like that, said 'you know I think my wife and I ... Will' so they werent home the last time we went over there but we have their number and we hope everything pans out!
Well we have an appointment with Miranda, our other investigator that is set for March 23rd for baptism so hopefully that will go well!!!
Sorry its so short this week but we've got souls to save lol
Love you all and thanks for your letters and support!
Elder John
2 Tim 4:7 - Keep the Faith, Lose the doubt
explanation of pictures:
Elder Lee pulling out my ingrown hairs
Me with a sickle ready to harvest
Us after running outside
The one of the poker chips I like to call "Tithing: is it really that difficult to pay in Vegas?"

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19, 2013

Dear Family,
Wow! this week and this last transfer have flown by!!! this is the last week of the transfer! This transfer has also only been 5 weeks long instead of the regular 6 weeks, becuase of the new missionaries coming in... so I will come home a week earlier than I was going to previously. So I wont even be 21 when I return!!!
Anyway... We have had some crazy experiences this last week! so Wednesday we went to this less active guys house and decided to visit him before going to lunch... and we came in and he said that his day wasnt going very well so we asked him why and he broke down and said that some things had been happening.  I am very thankful that we went to his house instead of going to lunch!
So ya pretty crazystuff! Sunday we were able to have a lot of people at church!!! we got 3 less active people to come to church and we got Miranda Springer, our investogator who is set with a date, to come! She said that she was having the worst week ever and then when we went to sacrament meeting she said that it was soooo worth it to come to church! We had a high council member speak and he said 'I dont want to come to churhc either but we need to make the decision to come because it will bless us'. great things for our less actives to hear!
We picked up a new investigator from the sister missionaries this week! her name is April and she has already commited to baptism and she is legit! We just finished teaching her the Plan of Salvation and she is so excited for it! She will be coming to our Stake Conference this week so that will be great!
Thank you so much for your support and letters!
I love you all!
Elder John
2 Timothy 4:7- Keep the Faith, Lose the doubt
the Highland Hills Zone!!!
Me hugging the biggest cactus I've ever seen!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Dear Family,
So I guess everybody has heard about Jon coming to the Best in the WEST!!! Thats so cool! I hope I get to be companions with him!!! all of the LVW will be under water haha. well thats pretty cool! I got that news while I was sick on saturday when Elder Golden and Elder Lee were at dinner, we went on exchanges, and they were at the Mechams house so she got on facebook and found out that Jon was going to my mission!
Well since it was a short week not much has gone on since wednesday.  We were able to get a few new investigators... one of them is a part member family and the husband hasnt taken the lessons since he was 20 and they are in their 70s so he said he would try out the new way of the lessons so ya!
the bulmers, our investigators that are kinda close to baptism are out of town for 6 weeks so thats a bummer!!! but hopefully we will stay in this area and be able to baptize them!
well sunday rolls around finally! (saturday I was sick) so then we were able to teach Donna, one of our new investigators from last week... and then we went to dinner with the Edgels. Well After dinner we take Jayden Edgel out will us and we go over to some less active members n the ward and had a good spiritual experience with Finding Faith in Christ... usually we just watch it and talk about it a bit but this time we answered a lot of their questions and talked about it a lot so its pretty cool! After that we see a car on the side of the road and turns out that she is out of gas... so we push her a half mile down the road and when we finally get there she tells us to wait there... and she goes in and gets 20 dollar bills for each of us... after we refuse she says 'well i have to give you something' so we said here is what you can do for us... I pull out a copy of the Book of Mormon that I placed on the trunk of her cdar while we pushed it.. and she said she would read it! I like to think of it as ammon teaching king lamoni.... 'thus he was caught with guile'... haha so she kinda felt that she owed us one so I think she will read and give us a call!!
Well sorry its kinda been a boring week but things are going well in the Las Vegas West Mission!!!
Elder John
Keep the Faith!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6, 2013

Dear Family,
This past week has been great! So tuesday we were able to go over to this
less active ladies house and she was not doing well. we have been meeting
with her for a while and been able to gain her trust. she has been trying
to stop smoking and so we asked if she was done. she said she bought
cigarettes so we asked her if we could take them. so we did! then she said
"since you took them you do the blessing" (referring to me, we give her
blessings all the time) so I gave her a blessing. This last friday we met
with a less active lady who has a non member husband and she knows she
needs to come to church but she doesnt feel the urge to change certain
things, even though she knows they are wrong. So I said "well if you give
up one hour then you will take the sacrament and fell the spirit again,
then you will get the urge to stop the other things'. Then she said "I had
a home teacher when I lived in Belgium as a young girl and my parents were
very less active and they smoke and drank and he said those same words and
my parents sacrificed that hour to go to church and then they went to eh
temple and got fully active in the church. so its funny that you say that,
maybe I will'. That was awesome!!!
This last week we also clipped horses hooves! to help out a less active
family that needs to come to church! I have pictures! it was really fun!
This last Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and President and sister
black were supposed to come to church but they went to our other ward.
Well John and Melinda Bulmer went because we promised them we would be
'speaking'. So after church they texted and said "can elders baptize into
the lds" so we said yes. which is ironic because we fasted for baptisms!
well it turns out that she had a great experience during a surgery she had
last week and felt that God was with her! so Hopefully they will be able to
get baptized soon! the only problem is that they want both elder Golden and
I to baptize them. haha.
Well this last Tuesday we had zone meeting and it was great! we talked
about bearing testimony frequently. so our apointment with the bulmers
cancelled for 2:00 so we were pretty bumbed. We went to see Beverly (a
potential investigator who we go try to see every tuesday and she is never
there) and as we are waling to her house we decide to go help some people
with a u-haul trailer across the street. As we are walking we see a wallet
on the ground so we get ahold of the owner of the wallet and while we were
waiting to meet up with him at his house we talked to the people with the
u-haul. His name is David from San Jose, moved here a year ago. he
accepted to come to church and to read the book of mormon. So we walked
down to the wallet guys house and he was so grateful and tried to give us
money but we said no, we just wanted to help. As we talked with him we
found out that he knew Mormons and lds people worked for him previously.
well he said we ould come meet with him and he couldnt remember his number
so we went into his house. we talked for a while and he is so proud of his
family and his children. he talke dbaout his wife who died a year ago and
he gets really emotional when he talkes about any of his family members. So
we told him that families are forever and he said "I'm here alone. that
doesnt seem like forever. I keep thinking my wife is going to walk through
that door any day, but she is gone" So we explained that even after death
we can be with them. We then gave him 'together forever' ( a cheesy movie
that we have been challenged to pass out by our zone leaders) and its
awesome that we have that challenge because it was able to help him and
otherwise we wouldnt of had it with us but I feel that that challenge was
given for us to be able to help this guy. Its cool to see how everything
works out cause we knew that Beverly, the place we were originally going to
see, wasnt going to meet with us, but there was a reason to go see her and
there was also a reason for the zone leaders to issue that challenge with
the 'together forever' dvds.
Well today we were able to go to the temple!!! awesome!
Thanks so much from your support and your love!
I love you all!
Elder John