Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Dear Family,
This week was great! we were able to have a lesson with our new investigator, April. And guess what!!! She's set with a date for baptism! 23rd of March! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of baptism, on saturday... and we had stake conference on sunday and guess what Elder Ballard talked about?? the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  So that was pretty great!
Well transfers are this week and Elder Golden and I are gonig to be staying together for another 6 weeks! so we have some more chances to baptize that investigator that our president told us to lol. I think it will go well! We both will hopefully be able to continue to work together well and be able to continue to be patient haha.
Well we've had a pretty fun week! We went tracting for a few hours this last friday and we found some cool people that might actually want us to stop by sometime again!!! that never happens! I think I may have told you but in case I havent... We found an investigator off of tracting! This guy, after we told him about lessons and stuff like that, said 'you know I think my wife and I ... Will' so they werent home the last time we went over there but we have their number and we hope everything pans out!
Well we have an appointment with Miranda, our other investigator that is set for March 23rd for baptism so hopefully that will go well!!!
Sorry its so short this week but we've got souls to save lol
Love you all and thanks for your letters and support!
Elder John
2 Tim 4:7 - Keep the Faith, Lose the doubt
explanation of pictures:
Elder Lee pulling out my ingrown hairs
Me with a sickle ready to harvest
Us after running outside
The one of the poker chips I like to call "Tithing: is it really that difficult to pay in Vegas?"

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