Friday, July 27, 2012

July 21, 2012

Today we helped clean the church at 8 and then went to a lesson with a member family and their son is preparing for baptism so we're teaching them the lessons. A part member family also came whose kids aren't baptized. We then went to sis salazars and helped her on some yard work and we shared a spiritual though with her (Mormon 2) hopefully she'll come to church.  Then we went to dinner with the Sam's and they gave us the left overs. then we went to read the Book of Mormon with Michael and an T.M. Bently Boines came along. It went well, we studied first Nephi 10-13 then we told Michael we had a present for him. We gave him the left overs from dinner and he was so excited! cause he really needed food! So ya! Then we did visits to get people to church!
Love Elder John

July 20, 2012

Today went great. We went over to Scotts and taught him the Restoration. And the spirit was there and we also talked about him coming to his new ward since he moved but he feels more comfortable in our ward and meeting with us. We then did service for our Bishops (bishop Craig) neighbor whose name is Scott. (we have like 4 Scotts we're working with haha). then we did some visits and had dinner, we had BBQ!!! It was great! Then we met with Michael and Bro. Mathews at the church to read the Book of Mormon. we read up to the tree of life and discussed a lot. Then we committed him to reading the Book of Mormon Every day. Then we went over to a priest age young mans house and got him to come to a lesson and dinner with us on Monday.
Out statistics for this week are Great! We have 2 people with a baptismal date and have had 11 total lessons, including member lessons. We have a full day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to working hard and getting out there!
Love Elder John

July 18, 2012

Today was great! last night Elder Lopez came over and we had companionship exchanges. He was coming into our area and Elder Wong was going into the Zone Leaders area. Last night I was freaking out because I had no Idea what to do in our area. But today was Great! We went and visited some less active members but no one was home. So we did the 3-3-3 rule. We go and treact 3 houses in each direction, after a visit. Then we taught Michael at bro Mathews house. Bro Mathews is perfect for Michael because of his similar conversion process. We then tracted and Elder Lopex put a good twist on things. he said "We are in an area of our ward for a reason so we are going to find someone who we can have an effect on". So just having a good outlook is everything and each time we found someone who could be interested.
We found this lady, Lisa, who might let us in sometime! we discussed a little about the Book of Mormon and said we'd like to give her a copy and she said 'for free?' so it was pretty great.
So today was good because i finally realized what missionary work is and how to do it!
Elder Lopez also said that the mission brings out all of our weaknesses and faults so he said that I don't need to feel bad that I think I suck at everything. haha

Monday, July 16, 2012

June 16, 2012

Hey! thats crazy about all of the fires! well Elder Wong has been out 11 months, tomorrow, and this is his first time being trainer, senior comp, and district leader! so ya its pretty funny! Oh! and his first time in a car! the temperature in the car on thursday was 122 degrees! its also been raining like crazy here at night! the streets are full of mud and rocks and shrubs!  our investigator scott moved to another ward but with our new investigator michael... everything is going great! he came to church again and everything he is struggling with came up in church! they talked about the prodigal son in sacrament and, previously, he has been feeling like he needs to save the world but he and I talked about how he needs to 'come to himself' first. then I shortly addressed him wanting to bring everyone in a unity of faith in jesus christ, but not necessarily morminism... and guess what our lesson in elders quorum was! being member missionarlies and sharing the gospel with everyone!!! so ya pretty inspired stuff, on all parts! :)
Well love you!
Elder John

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 5

Today was great!  We went to a "Train the New Missionary training" today and then went to Taco Bell after.  Out lesson  bailed on us so we went tracking.  Then went to another lesson for a part member family.  The Dad is  a member and the son is 9 years old so they want him to take the lessons and find out for himself.  So we talked about baptism and told him how he can get an answer.  We then did some member visits and then went tracking.  We met a guy named Larry he's about 60 or 70 and we talked about 20-30 minutes and shared a little about Jesus Christ.  We got his address and hopefully we'll be able to talk to him some more.  We then went to see if an investigator was home and we found out he's going to get a divorce.  So we talked for about an hour and a half and asked him to pray and come to church.  It was great because it's the first time I (or we) have contacted a person and actually helped him.  His name is Scott, we knelt and prayed with him and asked him to come to church and he said he would.  He's very willing to do what the Lord tells him, so that's awesome.  then we went to get dinner, Pizza! and brought it home.
And!!!during our daily planning it was great because I actually know some people and some investigators so I can actually give my opinion on them and plan!!!  So today went well.  Well love ya all!
I love your letters in the mail!
Love, Elder John

Day 4

Today was great!  It was 105 degrees...but we got a car!!!  A 2012 Corolla!  It has blue interior and its awesome!  But we are going to just drive into our Zone (our apartment is like 3 miles out of our area so we have to  bike awhile just to get into our Zone) but now we can drive into our zone and use bikes to get around.  We went around  and got to know more of the members and went tracking which was fun!  Then we went to dinner with one of the ward mission leaders and then met the Bishop of the other ward.  He was excited that we are here because the other missionaries were really lazy.  So everyone is really excited.  We have 2 lessons tomorrow so hopefully they  go well.  Well I love you all!  Love Elder John

Day 3

Today was great we had our first lesson together with this kid who is like a ___ or a part member family.  Elder Wong's former companion was leaving the next transfer so he didn't want to do anything.  Tonight, when we were studying, he asked me if I'd be alright tracking tomorrow for 2 hours and I was like ya!  And he was so grateful that I wanted to actually do something.  We met the bishop and ___________.  He was very  excited that I was here and ready to work.  The ward hadn't had good missionaries for awhile.  It was 107 degrees tonight at 7:00 so it was hot riding a bike.  We got 2 new investigators today!    It's hard to learn who everyone is and where they live.  It's even worse since we cover two wards!!!  We ate at the ____ tonight and they are pretty awesome!  We get dinner every night!  We're so spoiled and everyone's rich:)  Then we met with the ward mission leader, Bro. Gover.  He's pretty awesome.  So that's all for today.  Love ya.  Love, Elder John

Day 2

My first real day in the mission field!  In comp study we went through the plan of salvation  ___ a part member family, but she cancelled us tonight.  We then  ___ the appointment since it was our p day.  Then we did some shopping.  Went to the Library and did e-mails and then we went to dinner at the ___ family.  They're super rich and really awesome!  They  own two Rembrandts!    They took us to Red Robin, yum.  I was told to share a spiritual thought about two minutes before.  So I talked about___being hit with pride and it ended up killing them.  Then I challenged them to pray  to check their pride levels lol.  They really liked that allegory in 1 Nephi 4:9.
  But then we went to meet the bishop then went to talk to the sister that stiffed us.
Oh, and it is my first day on a bike!  The bike is so awesome!  All of the missionaries are jealous.  I love ride a bike.  Today was 100 degrees so ya.  I'm so glad its dry heat.

Day 1 in field

Today we just went to the airport and got on our plane!  But we woke up at 3am so that stunk!
When we stepped off the plane we were right there in the thick of it     From our bubble in the MTC to Las Vegas.  We then went to the Mission home and had breakfast casserole.  Then went to a member's home and ate  dinner then went to FHE and that was interesting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9, 2012

Hey! So did my room get flooded? haha well anyway... this week was a little slow becasue of the 4th but we still got out and were teaching people. on the 4th we went to a members house and had a bbq then went down the street and they did illegal fireworks on the street.... every member bought like 1200 dollars worth of fireworks and it was crazy! So sunday we were just sitting down and only one of our investigators came to church and then this black guy comes in out of nowhere and we meet him and he sits next to us. his name is Michael and he just came in off the street. we sang the battle hymn of the republic and he sounded amazxing! the whole ward was looking back to see who it was! then we sang America the beautiful and it was awesome! he also did Halleluja hands!!! the bishop was laughing! it was awesome! so then we went to his house around 6 that night and taught him the first lesson and he's very knowledgable and crazy!! so we just told him to read the book of mormon and stuff... it was pretty crazy! but! this was the first time that i think i taught by the spirit and asked inspired questions because after elder wong said 'teh spirit was definitely there, i mean some of the questions you aksed...' haha because thats what I struggle with the most is asking inspired questions but it really came out this time! and I shared the first vision and said, very strongly, that I know that he saw God the Father and His son Jesus Christ... and it was amazing! but this guy is kinda crazy so hopefully he'll come around. well i love you! love Elder John

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 2, 2012

Hey! First week went great! it was very weird at first but its going well now... i just started to come out of my shell so it will take a while to get out of the 'beginning' stage of thinking and into the 'middle' stage like pres Uchdorf said. but the members are very great! we have meals every night and are booked for months! members are always trying to set up appointments. I'm going to have to work out very hard to not gain weight here! oh! and everyone, when I say I'm from Colorado, ask if I'm close to the fires and I'm like 'I hope not' so its good to know you're not. We met a guy tracting on Friday! he let us in to get some water and we talked about the book of Mormon. He said he's read it before and also scrutinized it. (idk how to spell that word). He's a minister. we asked him if he's ever prayed about it and he said no. so we asked him to pray about it and he seemed willing. the work is really picking up! the members and bishops of both the wards I'm in are very happy to have us here, missionaries who are ready to get to work! I'll also try to send some pictures next week cause I forgot my camera today, we go to the library so ya... and if you could... whenever you send another package for whatever reason... send the rest of my ties. cause I'm going to need all of them, please! And thanks so much for the package with my sheets and food and medicine! I went and bought some dayquil because i was sick the first part of this week so ya. and if you could also get all of my friends email addresses cause we are allowed to email them if we have time. (first we email family, then Pres Black, then friends) so ya! well I look forward to doing some work this week! oh and you'll read about this family in my letter home but i taught my first lesson yesterday, to a part member family! we go over there every Sunday and Monday night and go over what happened in church, if they came, and do fhe with them on Mondays! well I love you! Love, Elder John