Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday October 22, 2012

thanks!!! those notes were awesome!!! this week we had 3 baptisms! on Tuesday the whites called us and asked if they could be baptized on Saturday.... so I was like.. uh ya! haha it was pretty stressful  cause we had a mini mission in the stake that day so we had four prospective missionaries with us the whole day but they were awesome!!! I'll send you a pic next week of them!
Friday we had the baptism of Rachael Farley, who married a member and she was interested in the church.
Then Saturday the guy baptizing the whites flew in from Texas and landed at 9:05 and the baptism was at 10:30 so that was cutting it close! but it was crazy spiritual! the guy, Jeremy, who baptized them bore his testimony and said how this day was 50 years in the making. he spoke of his parents and their parents and all of the hardships and trials that they have gone through to get them to this point. it was so spiritual!!! Mary white was crying the whole time!!!!
then the bishop spoke about the atonement and he asked all of the full time missionaries, and since we had about 10 prospective missionaries at the baptism they came up too... and then he spoke of how our message is centered on Jesus Christ and it was very awesome!!!
The Whites have a goal for getting sealed a year from now and they are so excited for it!!!
This week has taught me a lot about how the work progresses. this work will go on with or without us. so I think we would rather be working hard while it is progressing than being static, watching it go by!
I love you all!!!!!
Elder John
 Rachael Farley, our baptism on Friday the 19th of October 2012!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday October 15, 2012

Lacrosse helmets and ties is what we had to work with..  but this is
what we do with the little free time we get on pdays haha. We made me
a nephite warrior with a lacrosse helmet, my feet shod with my anckle
braces, a broom head for my distinguishing feathers, and ties gird
about my loins. haha

Monday October 15, 2012

that's awesome about your mouse cave! so this week was great!!! we got a new investigator who requested us on and usually when we get those we knock and have to explain ourselves... like "we are missionaries... you requested us?" but we knocked and she was like
ah come on in!!! she said she has been raised catholic and is going through a divorce, she has a 3 year old son named Preston. but she is looking for something more... so we answered some questions and
 stuff... and oh she is on chapter 12 of the book of Mormon!!! and she  asked how big a deal coffee is and we told her about a word of wisdom and then she said, "oh so if its coffee or my soul, I'll choose my  soul." then as we were leaving she gave us her coffee maker!!! se we have a coffee maker in our apartment! (that's going to go over well with apartment checks haha). so then we met with her again on Thursday and she accepted the commitment to be baptized!!! so its awesome!!!
This Friday we should have a baptism but its really stressful... cause the ward mission leader wants the baptism to be this Friday, cause the investigator cant do it unless its this Friday, until like 3 weeks
from now... and we haven't taught any of the commandments besides follow the prophet... so we have to teach all of the commandments tonight and she will get interviewed tomorrow!!! oh crap I'm
stressing... but I'd rather stress about a baptism than other stupid stuff... so ya! and one of our other investigators was supposed to get baptized last Saturday but she had an accident at work so we are
 trying to schedule stuff to get them back on track....but good things are happening and its going great!!! I heard you guys were over at Chelsea's and had a funny experience with bishop... Idk his name. haha that's so awesome she is going on a mission!!! well I love you guys!!!
Love Elder John

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Sick!!!!! I'm so excited!!! that announcment was crazy!!!! I dont know if chelsea told you... or if I should tell you but she said she is going on a mission!!!!!!! thats so sick!!!! haha I'm so excited for her!!! wow! well I wrote you a letter about this week... but its gone really well!!! we got congradulated by our zone leaders for leading the zone in lessons with a member present.. but crazy crap!!! man that announcment means that this is the last time for a harvest... we need to get ready for big stuff to happen!!! oh man!!! I'm so excited!!!  well I dont have much to report on but this week was great!!! I love You all and there is more info in my letter i'm sending in the mail! love You!
Love Elder Jhon
ps. did ryan and susie ever get my letter??!

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Wow Crazy Stuff!!! thats awesome about ryan and susie!!! by the way did ryan and susie ever get my letter????
anyway this week has been hard but its getting better. We have two investigators set for baptism on the 13th and we have one that we are going to set with a date tonight! Its gonna be amazing!
Oh and mom asked what I would like in a package!!  those chocolate chocolate chip cookies would be amazing!!!! any oatmeal you have, preferably the... not cinimon but... I forgot what kind.  uh... and I cant think of anything else. oh and more of those yogurt bars or nutrigrain bars...
well anyway... thanks for the support! its crazy to think that on the 6th of october I'll have been out for 4 months!!! it goes by crazy slow but then all of the sudden the month is over!!!
I'm sending my records of each day in the mail and if I have to to email them to you I will.
This week I decided to write the book of mormon in my own words, as if I were explaining it to my children. So I'm working on that! something cool for my kids to see from my mission!
Well Love you all!!! sorry, I dont have much time to email!!!
Love Elder John