Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

Dear Family
This week went very well. we were able to meet a man who was walking around the stake center during our pday activity and we were able to teach him! He lives in another ward in our stake so we will be doing the transition lesson this week!
We were able to finally get a lesson with Alissa and Alana ths week, other investigators that we havent been able to teach for a long time. The lesson was great! only alayna and zachary, her grandchildren were able to have the lesson this time but in the middle of the lesson alissas boyfriend walked in.  We were teaching the restoraiton and the boyfriend had some great quesitons! he was mainly concerned with the succession of prophets. We told him that it all boils down to Joseph Smith being a prophet. To which he said, "I have no problem with Joseph Smith and him sing God and Jesus Christ. I just have a problem with the people after". We can work with that! we explained how the process works and that it is always by revelation. Hopefully things will work out well this week as we teach the family again.
We had a great lesson with the Hao Kaawaloa family for a fhe on tuesday. they are a part member family with 8 daughters, 3 of which are not members.  We did an object lesson. pour water on a rock and on a sponge. then compare how the two are different. We shared John 4, the woman at the well, and shared how Christ is the living water and how we need to soak him in like the sponge.
We are also working very hard to get Mimi progressing. We prayed and planned for so long to try and see what we should teach her on Wednesday. We decided that we needed to go back to faith again. and this time not just read scriptures and talk about them. this time we needed to have her be an active participant in the lesson and really dig down deep to try and see what her concerns are. The lesson went great and we decided that we are just going to start the lessons over and get her more familiar with Joseph Smith.
Biking is great! I'm pretty sure I've lost some weight from fat and put on some more muscle to my legs!
This week I also got to go the the baptism of Anna in my last area! So fun to see some of the members and to see some missionaries that I got to work with in that zone.  I got to see the Bulmers too!!! great family!
Love you all and thanks for the support!!!
Elder John

I am only one but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do somehting. and becasue I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something I can do. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Dear Family,
This week was GREAT!! so we were able to
This week went great! Elder Pierre-Louis and I are getting along great and things are starting to pick up!
We were able to get a new investigator this week as well. She was a referrel and we biked all the way to the top corner of our area and contacted her. Susan was previously catholic and her husband died a few months ago.  While we were teaching the first lesson we were talking about the apostacy and bout different doctrine that was changed in several churched. She asked us to tell her what doctrine was changed and we told her about infant baptism and how people become 'Saints' and different things and she said 'that isnt doctrine, thats just stuff that man put into the church' haha!!! she is GOLDEN! so hopefully we can get her with a date for baptism soon!
After we met with her we had to ride FAST to our appointment that we were already late for, up the hill!!! (both ways) and when we got there, 7 people were sitting there to be at the lesson with our investigator! its great to have ward support but that was a lot of people at a lesson!
We have lists that have the name of streets in specific areas of our ward and the less actives that live on the streets and while we were making visits on wednesday I acidentaly wrote the wrong number down for the wrong street (this we found out yesterday) and while we were over there making the visit we talked to the neighbor of the house we were going to and set up to do service for her today! We cleaned out her garage and put it all back and she invited us to dinner soon! so hopefully we can get her to be an inestigator! I told Elder Pierre-Louis, yesterday, that the Lord blessed me for my stupidity.
We have a few other progresing investigators and we are working hard at getting new investigators by going through our former investigator list.
Elder Pierre-Louis is GREAT! is has no fear when talking with people, which is something that I need to work on.  Last night we were riding to a potential investigators house and when they werent home we rode back up the street and saw some kids coming out of a house. so instead of talking with the kids on the street, elder Pierre-Louis just went up and knocked on the door so we could talk strait to the mom instead. it was awesome because this lady might actually listen to us!
I am also going to try to get permission to go to Aprils baptism this week in my last area!!! I'll be able to see everyone in that area and see some of the investigators that Elder Golden and I taught there as well!
Things are going well with us here in the hillpointe ward and I cant wait for this next week!
Love you all! thanks for your support!
Elder John

"Let what will come, dont deny the faith, and all will be well." -Joseph Smith

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

This area is going to be great! Elder Pierre-Louis is a great Elder and is here to work! however I can tell that this transfer is going to be one that will be difficult but also full of joy.
I am one who needs to be on time to everything, and even early is preferable... Elder Pierre-Louis however is not like that. He is here to work but getting to the 'work' sometimes is the problem. We are, however, working things out and getting more organized so that we can get out faster. We are getting along great and that sometimes means me holding my tongue and just waiting for a few minutes. But I am excited for what this transfer will bring! I love Elder Pierre-Louis and cant wait to keep working! Elder Pierre-Louis is such a great Elder! He is really good at talking with people and relating to them in a very non thretening way and he can get any aspect of the gospel into any situation, while talking with people, and have it not be awkward... which is something that I am very impressed with and something that I admire in him! He is a fantastic teacher!!!
Well we had the baptism of Chelsea this week, something that I got to fall into since being transfered to this new area! so we go over to chelseas house to make programs for the baptism and see what all she wants and it turns ot that the nonmember dad is going to be out of town for a while so... they asked if we can do a fontside confirmation... which is against church policy so we get to call the mison president! So I got to call and explain the situation and then got to call the bishop and call the misison president again!! hurray!!! then that afternoon, after we get permission to do a fontside confirmation, they text and ask if their friendcan do a hula called 'the prayer' because it will mean a lot to the family(they are hawaiian) well since the baptismal service is a church meeting... not necessarliy the converts meeting... we got to go ahead and do it anyway!!! lol but it turns out that the hula was very spiritual and it turned out great!  The Fontisde confermation seemed to be a good thing for the family and the family was really touched by the entire meeting!
Things always go horrible the week before the baptism but then right after the baptism everything is great!!! haha I love being a missionary!!!
We are looking forward to working with the ward better, since we just cover the Hillpointe ward! the ward is really excited for us to be here and to be focused on them! We are focused with the ward misison leader to get everything very organized so that the work can continue to progress! This ward is very good at finding people to teach and setting it up for us, since our call is to find, TEACH, and baptize! (the other wards I was in did that as well! but just saying!)
This is going to be a great area and I am looking forward to the future!
Elder John
Keep the Faith
2Tim 4:7

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Dear Family,
This week I am being transferred to Red Rock stake in the Hill Point Ward! My new companion is Elder Pierre-Louis! I'm really sad to leave this area but I'm excited for new experiences and a new area! I will miss all of the people in the San Miguel and North Star YSA wards! I will surely be back to visit in 14 months! 
So this week we had a great zone conference! Also, we got to see one of our investigators that was out of town and we will hopefully get her with a date for baptism! Then I will come back and visit.  
Oh so fun story!! we were knocking doors and the first house we knock on said 'we are Born Again, Go Away!'... so we knocked the rest of the street and on the way back we knocked on this door across from the 'born again' house and the daughter of the lady that answered the door said, 'get those Jehovah's witnesses to come and rake our yard and we will convert' so Elder Golden and I went over and Elder Golden said 'ya we will rake your yard! and you don't have to convert either' so we started raking and they didn't have the guts to say that they were joking so... after finishing their yard we became great friends with them. They also offered us a job in southern California so we said we would think about it after our missions haha... so it was great to take a situation that could have just been a dumb remark and turn it into a great experience where we can hopefully be able to teach the Gospel to them one day. 
We were also able to teach Abel and talk about baptism and joining the church. His whole family is Catholic so he says it would be hard to change... but he also said that if he feels the spirit confirm to him the truth of the church, it really doesn't matter what his family thinks! we told him to write down questions and watch conference and see them get answered! I am so grateful we are able to have a prophet and apostles that we can trust! and be able to tell people that their questions will be answered, if they search deep down in their soul! 
We also found out that Miranda, our recently baptized member in the ysa ward, watched conference and she took notes!!! she has always had the best questions and I cant wait to see what questions she wrote down and see how they were answered! 
Sorry this email is so boring but there weren't too many intense spiritual experiences... but thanks to everyone in the San Miguel and North Star ysa wards!!! love ya! 
And thanks for the support family!

Elder John 

Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Dear Family,
This week I have been able to see the blessings of putting your trust in the Lord and then being able to reap the rewards of that trust.  We have had a good week and we were hoping to get two families to come to church this Sunday. We did everything we could do! We called them the morning of and they said they were all set to come to church. But then the moment of truth came! Church started and nobody showed up! It was very difficult and frustrating to have to see how people just have their own choice! We want everyone to succeed but, in the end, it is up to them.
The BEST news we have received this week is that Melinda Bulmer, the investigator who called President Black to have us stay together, is getting baptized on the 20th of April! She got back in town on Saturday so we were able to see her yesterday. She was really bumbed when she found out that one of us is probably going to be transferred next week but she seemed to accept it now, and she realized that it was a blessing that we were both still together by the time she got back in town. But she was really excited to be baptized and she was able to have some great experiences while she was out of town. I have found that if someone is ready and willing the Lord will let everything possible happen to have them progress. We were stressing about the possibility of her falling away while she was gone but she told us of one experience that made her feel even more like she needs to be baptized. she said that a woman came up to her and asked her if she was LDS and she said no but I have been thinking about joining. why do you ask? then the woman said that it was because of the way she talked about her family and her attitude about life that made her wonder. I am thankful that people act on their spiritual impressions!
We were also able to get a new investigator this last week! Its a part member family and the dad, the member, wants the son to take the lessons. and we found out that these people had been taught by the previously missionaries.. but because they never made a teaching record we have been looking for them for 3 transfers and have finally found them! So we are grateful to be able to find him and teach him!
This week has been great and I look forward to what the next transfer brings! (btw elder golden and I are going to be split up and we will find out who will be staying this saturday)
I love you all and am thankful for the support that each of you have given to me and to the missionary effort!
Elder John
Keep the Faith 2 Tim 4:7
p.s. Leadership and Trainer calls come on Tuesday so I hope I get a call to train so I can be with Elder Gonzales from Pueblo, CO!