Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was awesome!!! well I guess these past few weeks! so Christmas was totally the best day ever!
So christmas eve we played basketball, cause its pday. and then we had diner at the Singletons, awesome family! then we went with our Zone Leaders over to one of their members, a Samoan family! it was really fun and very spiritual! they respect the missionaries like kings, its really cool to see. Then we went back to our appartment and did a white elephant gift exchange and then we dreamed of sugarplums and all of that jazz. Christmas day we woke up and Santa had come!!! at last at last we were able to open our long awaited presents! then we went to dennys and ate breakfast!! So good! then we finally got to talk to our families! it was funny with elder Golden cause he had just talked to his family like a month ago lol. then we went to dinner. oh and before dinner we got to meet a member of Neon Trees! the bassist! he's a member and was visiting his in-laws that live in our ward. I'll send a pic. so christmas was amazing!
This last sunday we got to speak and it was aweosme cause our investigators came to church to hear us speak! It seems like we've gained a lot of member trust and things are going to continue to pick up! I love these wards!!!
Well theres not much to write about... but the Bullmers, our investigators are doing well! I think I mentioned that we sang to them... or maybe I havent. so we went caroling sunday night, before Christmas, and we went to the Bullmers first... they were very touched and wanted to give us hugs... so we told them to hug the sister missionaries that were with us! she hugged them for like 5 minutes each! it was really cool... then we went to some other people... and this one guy we go to and after we sing he says 'I've seen this happen on tv but I never thought it would happen to me'. it turns our that we just went up to a random appartment and sang! so ya it was really cool to see peoples hearts soften.
Christmas was awesome and the members made it feel like we were with family. I love you all and have a great new year! talk to you in 2013!
Elder John
p.s. there is another Elder John in the mission so if you send me mail please address it to Elder Devin T. John

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 25, 2012

This family is a family that we were able to go to with the Zone Leaders after our dinner with the Singletons! the Singletons are awesome! and this family in the picture is a Samoan family! so cool!

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was amazing!!! ok so... Monday we go to transfers and I have no Idea who my new missionary is going to be... no idea where our appartment is, no idea where our boundaries are... so we meet each other! awesome!!! we quote movies all of the time... well at least the appropriate time lol. so we go to our appartment after we drop some other misisonaries off... by this time we are late for dinner and we rush over and turns out these members are legit!!! the husband is this very awesome ward misisonary and he showed us around our area on tuesday. told us people to visit and a bunch of stuff! so now we kinda have a lay of the land. We met with this less active guy and after a while geneology came up so we are going to help him make a fan chart this tuesday! we then met with some investigators that the previousl missionaries dropped and they are totally awesome!!! then these investigators told us to visit this guy tjat is having some hard times, who is a member, so we visit him and it turns out he really needed it! Then the next day we visit with a less active family who told us that there are some nice people that live down the road... so we visit them and she answers the door and goes, "Elders!, we havent seen elders for a long time" so turns out their daughter is a member and they seem open to the Gospel! so we are going over there tomorrow!!!
Crazy week!!! 100% by the spirit! it was amazing!!! tracting in this area is so different! its not gated and there are way kinder people here! at least the non members are more kind than my previous area, not a diss on my last areas members lol. 
But there is a lot of work to be done here! and the bishop said that he see's something in us... we carry ourselves a lot better than previous missionaries!!! so memebr trust!!! lol
And we are giving talks in sacrament the week after christmas becasue our new investigators said they would come to church if we spoke... so we talked to the bishoprich and they said that will work!
WE are very fortunate to be in this area and cant wait to have things continue to grow!!!
Love you all!!!
Marry Christmas!
Love, Elder John

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was awesome!!! So Wednesday I got a call from President Black saying that I will be training a new missionary!!! and I found out saturday that I will be moving to the Highland Hills Zone, covering the North Star ysa ward and the San Migel ward. So ya that will be interesting. My first transfer and I have a new misisonary... so neither of us will know what is going on lol.
It was really tuff to say goodbye to the Elk Ridge and Cedar Springs Wards... our ward mission leader in Cedar Springs was almost crying in ward council when he said I was leaving. Its nice to feel apreciated. I almost cried in the sacrament meetings lol. but I am excited for a new ward! The last missionary that was in that area got sent home  and I guess didnt do anthing in those wards so it will be nice to get the members to trust us again! Tongiht I meet my new missionary and then its off to work!! even though I have no idea where I am or what is going on... but it will be good!
This week we met with this awesome member that we have been going over  for a while.  They hit a really low point in their life and are just having a hard time... We were able to give her a blessing and discuss some of her hardships. I was able to tell her about how the sacrament can help us in our lives... and is one of the few outward expressions of our faith in this church.  Our minds really need that outward expression and it is very important to take the sacrament. The sacrament has taken on a new meaning to me and I am very grateful to be able to do that.
Not much else to report on from this last week but I hope everyithing is going well in your lives in this Christmas season.
Elder John

Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was pretty cool! we finally got a new investigator in one of our wards, Elk Ridge. That ward has been really slow with work, but thankfully, michael is in that ward lol.  Michael was doing relaly great this week until saturday night at about 9:30 he texted and said that hehad been drinking and smoking and stuff... and just thinking about all of the bad things in his life.  so I texted and told him to come to church and take the sacrament and look to the Savior. I promised him that the speakers and the lessons would be exactly what he would need and they would solve his concerns, reguarding his self worth and everything.  So he didnt show up and I was getting mad.  Then during the opening prayer he came in and sat by me.  I was so happy I cried through the prayer! He was the first person to bear his testimony and it really brought the spirit. He thanked us for all of the love we show him and for the love that the ward has shown him. Then the ward came through and did their part to keep the spirit going.  Then the lesson in Gospel Principles was on sharing our talents... so we each wentaround and told about a talent we have ( I spoke of my great humility, haha jk).  Then the teacher asked Michael to share his talent of his wonderful singing voice... so michael sand this baptist gospel song and had us all clap along with the beat. it was pretty awesome! and hilarious!
The new investogator we have in Eld Ridge ward referred himself on He is 14 years old and seems pretty mature. He has been going to one of the other buildings with his friends and is wondering what we believe. So we gave him a Restoration pamphlet and a Book of Mormon. He siad he would read the restoration pamphlet and then we gave him Moroni 10 for the Book of Mormon. Seems pretty legit!
So ya this week has been great! this next week is the las week of the transfer so it will be exciting to see if I stay or go! I love these wards and I really dont want to leave... but we will see!!!
I  love you all and for your support!
Elder John

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012

Dear Family,
Sorry I didnt email monday! we went to the temple today so our pday was switched! The temple was awesome! It's so great to go as a missionary!
Well Michael didnt think he was ready to be baptized so we will continue to work with him.  We taught a less active part memebr family this week! it went really well... the husband and 2 of the kids are not baptized so that will be awesome to teach them! We were finally able to get into some less active homes in both wards this week! we have the usual less active people that let us in and have a lesson but this week we were able to get in to people that have been anti and kinda sketchy. so ya things are going great! Elder Smith and I are getting along well, I have to sensor him sometimes but other than that its pretty good. Elder Smith has taught me to get out and work hard.  he is always willing to work and to do whatever we need to.
THanksgiving was great! we went to our stake presidents house, President Waite.  THen we went to teh Whites, recent converts. So it was pretty fun! oh and we had Turkey Bowl that morning! the whole mission gets together and we play football! two pools and 5 games... best of the two pools plays each other and guess who won.... Tule Springs Zone!!! (which is my zone lol) so ya there's some pictures attached of me holding the Turkey bowl trophy! haha I love it. pride is the only thing you have on a mission haha jk. well not much else is going on this week but I will keep you updated! I love the work and love the lord.
Elder John
P.s. read a talk given by Elder Holland, 'the Inconvenient Messiah' it does a fantastic job of explaining how things need to be done the Lords way!
and we also put up christmas lights!!! awesome! turns out I dont have to miss out after all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 19, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was awesome!!! Wednesday Elder Larry Echo Hawk came to our
mission to do a mission tour. (he recently spoke in general conference) and
our Zone was the hosting zone! so it was pretty cool! We made sure our
apartment was extra clean, just in case he wanted to look around lol. But
we received a full day training by him and it was awesome! he told of his
conversion story and it was very spiritual!
WE have a part member/ less active family in one of our wards that really
needs help. the home teachers randomly stopped by and saw that they were
in dire straits. their power is about to be shut off and they don't have
much food. so we went over and then got to the compassionate service
director and got some food over to them. the husband is a really nice guy
and we are going to start the lessons with them this week! its great to see
how the gospel can change people!
Also, Michael set a date for baptism!!! we were talking with him and he put
down his head for about thirty second and then he said, "I have no reason
not to be baptized" so we set him with the 30th of November! he is starting
to try to back out and stuff but we Will not let him! lol awesome stuff
this week!
A less active in one of our wards cant come to church because of her health
but this week one of her nurses came over and was asking a bunch of
questions about the church. So she answered them and she said that it felt
like it just came to her! the right answers just came and she was able to
feel the spirit. So she gave her some stuff to read about the church and
this nurse was very interested. that is how missionary work should go. all
that tracting does is show the members that we are outside and not in our
apartment lol. we might as well be because it just doesn't do anything.
Members are our primary source for investigators and referrals that come
from members are the ones that are going to stay strong after they are
Well enough of my rant on how the wards need to work.. I love you all and I
cant believe that it is almost Christmas!!!
Elder John

Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was great! we taught some good lessons to  our recent converts and everything is going well with all of them! Its so cool to see Zion Jones passing the sacrament and setting up chairs and stuff! 
anyway... I was kinda worrid because all of our investigators are baptized now so we have no new investigators to teach. but the Lord provides a way. He know that Elder Smith and I are here to work so He will give us work.  We got a new investigator this week. David, he was a referral a few months ago and we were finally able to meet with him.  Then we got another media refferal and she said she would be open to hearing our message, but she was sick this week so hopefully she is feeling better so we can meet with her.  Then we got a text friday night from one of our elder quorum presidents and said to stop by a certain house. so we went there and teh wife is a member but is very less active. and they are struggleing with everything: their power may get shut off anytime and food is scarce... (dont judge my spelling, my excuse  is that im on a mission haha) but her husband wants to meet with us and maybe to the discussions so that will be awesome!!! but on the down side, all of that work is in Cedar Springs  Ward. Elkridge has nothing going on lol. Michael Maclin, our black investigator was so close to setting a date for baptism this week!  he is definitely going to get baptized but we hope that it is soon! we met with Michael the day after the election and he was riding down the street on his scooter yelling Obama! to every car that passed by. lol its so funny! lol
Well thats about it for this week! Good stuff is coming up and I cant wait! I cant believe that in December I'll have been out 6 months! and it is all in the same area! anyway I love you all!
Love ,
Elder John

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was very hard!!! I was sick Tuesday thru Thursday.  Throwing up at members houses and stuff so ya haha.  But on a brighter note, Tiffany Shoemaker was baptized this week and I confirmed her on Sunday! She is awesome!!! So we have all of our investigators baptized but no new investigators so its kinda rough now, but im trying not to feel bad for myself since we've have like 5 baptisms! But our investigator Michael is still progressing, kinda... haha but our areas are doing well and the auxillaries are finally doing what they should and we are progressing that way.
sorry to be so boring but not a lot has happened this week, cause our entire appartment has been sick. Oh but wednesday we had a  talent show! it was pretty fun! then we had to be in by 6, bummer haha.
Our new elder in our appartment is awesome! he has been out 19 months and is hilarious!!! I attached a picture of him to this email and I'd like anyone who knows tommy boy to remember "tommy likie, tommy want wingie"
but anyway, I love this mission and love these people!!! our Recent converts are so cool! Zion Jones has been passing the sacrament for like a month and the Whites are still strong! And I am so excited for Rachael Farley because she has so much more to learn!!!
I love you,
Elder John
p.s. the pictures are, Elder Craft, And Tiffany Shoemaker

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday October 22, 2012

thanks!!! those notes were awesome!!! this week we had 3 baptisms! on Tuesday the whites called us and asked if they could be baptized on Saturday.... so I was like.. uh ya! haha it was pretty stressful  cause we had a mini mission in the stake that day so we had four prospective missionaries with us the whole day but they were awesome!!! I'll send you a pic next week of them!
Friday we had the baptism of Rachael Farley, who married a member and she was interested in the church.
Then Saturday the guy baptizing the whites flew in from Texas and landed at 9:05 and the baptism was at 10:30 so that was cutting it close! but it was crazy spiritual! the guy, Jeremy, who baptized them bore his testimony and said how this day was 50 years in the making. he spoke of his parents and their parents and all of the hardships and trials that they have gone through to get them to this point. it was so spiritual!!! Mary white was crying the whole time!!!!
then the bishop spoke about the atonement and he asked all of the full time missionaries, and since we had about 10 prospective missionaries at the baptism they came up too... and then he spoke of how our message is centered on Jesus Christ and it was very awesome!!!
The Whites have a goal for getting sealed a year from now and they are so excited for it!!!
This week has taught me a lot about how the work progresses. this work will go on with or without us. so I think we would rather be working hard while it is progressing than being static, watching it go by!
I love you all!!!!!
Elder John
 Rachael Farley, our baptism on Friday the 19th of October 2012!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday October 15, 2012

Lacrosse helmets and ties is what we had to work with..  but this is
what we do with the little free time we get on pdays haha. We made me
a nephite warrior with a lacrosse helmet, my feet shod with my anckle
braces, a broom head for my distinguishing feathers, and ties gird
about my loins. haha

Monday October 15, 2012

that's awesome about your mouse cave! so this week was great!!! we got a new investigator who requested us on and usually when we get those we knock and have to explain ourselves... like "we are missionaries... you requested us?" but we knocked and she was like
ah come on in!!! she said she has been raised catholic and is going through a divorce, she has a 3 year old son named Preston. but she is looking for something more... so we answered some questions and
 stuff... and oh she is on chapter 12 of the book of Mormon!!! and she  asked how big a deal coffee is and we told her about a word of wisdom and then she said, "oh so if its coffee or my soul, I'll choose my  soul." then as we were leaving she gave us her coffee maker!!! se we have a coffee maker in our apartment! (that's going to go over well with apartment checks haha). so then we met with her again on Thursday and she accepted the commitment to be baptized!!! so its awesome!!!
This Friday we should have a baptism but its really stressful... cause the ward mission leader wants the baptism to be this Friday, cause the investigator cant do it unless its this Friday, until like 3 weeks
from now... and we haven't taught any of the commandments besides follow the prophet... so we have to teach all of the commandments tonight and she will get interviewed tomorrow!!! oh crap I'm
stressing... but I'd rather stress about a baptism than other stupid stuff... so ya! and one of our other investigators was supposed to get baptized last Saturday but she had an accident at work so we are
 trying to schedule stuff to get them back on track....but good things are happening and its going great!!! I heard you guys were over at Chelsea's and had a funny experience with bishop... Idk his name. haha that's so awesome she is going on a mission!!! well I love you guys!!!
Love Elder John

Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Sick!!!!! I'm so excited!!! that announcment was crazy!!!! I dont know if chelsea told you... or if I should tell you but she said she is going on a mission!!!!!!! thats so sick!!!! haha I'm so excited for her!!! wow! well I wrote you a letter about this week... but its gone really well!!! we got congradulated by our zone leaders for leading the zone in lessons with a member present.. but crazy crap!!! man that announcment means that this is the last time for a harvest... we need to get ready for big stuff to happen!!! oh man!!! I'm so excited!!!  well I dont have much to report on but this week was great!!! I love You all and there is more info in my letter i'm sending in the mail! love You!
Love Elder Jhon
ps. did ryan and susie ever get my letter??!

Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Wow Crazy Stuff!!! thats awesome about ryan and susie!!! by the way did ryan and susie ever get my letter????
anyway this week has been hard but its getting better. We have two investigators set for baptism on the 13th and we have one that we are going to set with a date tonight! Its gonna be amazing!
Oh and mom asked what I would like in a package!!  those chocolate chocolate chip cookies would be amazing!!!! any oatmeal you have, preferably the... not cinimon but... I forgot what kind.  uh... and I cant think of anything else. oh and more of those yogurt bars or nutrigrain bars...
well anyway... thanks for the support! its crazy to think that on the 6th of october I'll have been out for 4 months!!! it goes by crazy slow but then all of the sudden the month is over!!!
I'm sending my records of each day in the mail and if I have to to email them to you I will.
This week I decided to write the book of mormon in my own words, as if I were explaining it to my children. So I'm working on that! something cool for my kids to see from my mission!
Well Love you all!!! sorry, I dont have much time to email!!!
Love Elder John

Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012

It was coo, a few days ago we just decided to tgo to this members house and it just so happened that he just finished calling like 6 people to try to give his baby a blessing so we were able to do that. then we went to read with mary white and her baby was sick, so we gave the baby a blessing and the mom said that just before that, her baby we couching since 5 a.m. and she was just about to bring her to the hospital. but then we randomly showed up (an appointment that she forgot about haha) and gave the kid a blessing. right after the blessing she stopped coughin. she texted us later in the day and said, "she still isnt couching" so we replied "thats great! blessing work".
so its been a tough week but we're pulling through it. with the member discussions... we do five names from each auxilary that they give us, part member, less active, or active members, just to give us people to teach. then if those people want off the list they need to refer us to others haha so ya the wards arent doing very well on getting us those names so we just set it up ourselves, for now.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Sep 22, 2012

today we went to an appointment with byron, a former investigator, but it fell through. then we went to sis salizars and set up service for next week. we then read the story of abinidi and taught the 10 commandments to the niels. we then stopped by jennine filmores house and she is awesome!she is crazy spiritual and I just felt a connection to her. and her son noah, 12 years old, is awesome!!! They are both members and we just saw them on the member list and stopped by. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday September 21, 2012

today sucked! all of our appointments fell through! thats all I have to say about today!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday September 20, 2012

today was crazy slow too!!! but people finally let us in. we talked to the Paez's and set up doing the lessons over there so we can have more practice. then we met with zion and watched finding faith in christ.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday September 19, 2012

today was very slow! but we finaly got an appointment with michael and talked for 3 hours. he needed to vent because he just quit smoking on monday. then we had a lesson at the farleys with the son john and his non member wife rachael. she is solid! so we are going to start the lessons with her. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday September 18, 2012

today we just went around and did a lot of visits, or which no one was home, except a potential investigator, henry. we offered to give a blessing on his home and his girlfriend came in, who had taken the lessons before in california. then we told them the Joseph smith story and it ended with us talking about church attendance and we invited them out to stake conference. then we had an appoijtment with shirley johnson and taught her and her friend

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

hey family!
so this week was great! Wednesday I received a call from president Black saying that I'm going Senior companion... so I was like ok great thats kinda cool... then thursday I get a call from the Assistants and they say I'm getting Elder Andrew James Smith, who has been out longer than me! so I'm pretty nervous! 
Sunday we had the baptism for Zion Jones and it was awesome! there were over 120 people in the relief society room... we were gonig to move it to the chapel but we just had to start. 
it was aweosme cause the guy who baptized zion, his cousin Aaron (in his late 30's), said that this was a long time coming...zions dad, before he died blessed him that he would get baptized. but the rest of the family are not members so the fathers family, after he died, hads been trying hard to get him baptized and has tried many different sets of elders. but he was so appreciative of us and it made me feel really good. 
so this week is going to be hard but we'll get to work and start knocking doors! Love You All!!!
Love Elder John

so today was transfers and I got to meet Elder SMith. so then we went to dinner at the Dailys which was fun.

Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

sorry this email and ther others are short but not much is going on... we have transfers this week so we'll see what happens... Im doing really well!!! thank you so much for your emails and also for the boxes!!! the boxes are how I'm going to get through the mission!!! lol I really enjoyed the oatmeal and the yogurt and nature valley bars!!! if you could make any cds and send them that would be great! like 'dances with wolves' and 'rudy' or any other soundtracks that are purely instrumental... and any classical music. oh and handels messiah!!! if you could send that sometime! thank you so much!!!
Im doing really well!!! the homesickness is kinda over... I'm pretty much accepted that this is my home now... although I miss you and everybody like crazy... its not as crapy as it was before. These last two transfers have gone crazy fast... even though I only have 15 more to go haha but the mission will go by really fast!!! I dont have much time today but I love you and I love everyone that supports me! tell them thank you for the letters and I look forward to them! also if you could ask bishop bertoldo where his brother lives in vegas that would be awesome!
Love You!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 3, 2012

hey what was that part about 'i don't think these are mutually exclusive'? anyway... things are going great! today we went to our stake center for our Fun Run for the whole stake. we biked 25 miles... which was horrible because I haven't been able to get hybrid tires... so I had mountain bike tires... and biked for two and a half hours straight, so that bit.. but the bike is crazy awesome by the way. then we went to IHOP!!! but we have a baptism the week after next! its awesome! for Zion Jones! this awesome 13 year old!

Saturday September 1, 2012

Today was interesting. last night we got a call from on of our investigators/part member families and they said they thought they had a ghost in their house and wanted us to bless the home or something.. so we called their home teacher and bishop Richins and us went over this morning. we talked about it for a while then gave a blessing and it was awesome! cause he commanded the spirits to leave and you could feel the spirit come into the home! (the good spirit haha)
Mary white came to the baptism and loved it! she said it just really hit her hard! we also invited her to come to this Fun Run we are having in the Stake on Monday, and she was really excited! her and her husband are extreme outdoors men. so things are going well with them!
We then had a lesson with Michael and we were waiting forever and he showed up just as we were leaving. so we had two young men there and talked with him and taught a little about the temple and he asked about tithing and we committed him to keep the law of tithing after he is baptized.

Sunday September 9, 2012

Sunday sep 9 2012
I havent written much lately but things are going well. we're coming up on week 6 of the transfer so I dont know whats going to happen! but things are picking up on thoth our wards! we have zions Jones being baptized this sunday! and we are close with setting the whites with a date, they just need to figure out their work schedulre. we have had a ton of lessons this last week! a less active member said they would start coming back to church and we are meeting with a lof of other less active families.
we taught this 10 year old girl aurore ling on her front portch. it was kinda cool cause the sun was starting to set and right after I said the first vision I looked to my right at a tree and the sun was behind it and was shining through... i cant describe it but it was really amazing.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday August 31, 2012

today was great! we read with sister white and she is so solid! we're going to bring her to a baptism tomorrow!
the ending of the day was also great! we went by Michael's and dropped off some food that a member gave us for him and when we got there he wasn't at his house so we called and called him. then he came out of his neighbors house and said he had just drank a beer. so elder Wong and I were just like "what the crap"! but we talked for a bit and asked if we could give him a blessing, cause he's been going through a really hard time, and he said yes. Which is surprising because he didn't want one before. so we explained a little more about the blessing and I was able to give him the blessing. It was crazy because, after, I felt like my spirit was just totally drained and it felt like the evil in him went inside of me... it sucked! but I hope he feels good! haha

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29, 2012

hey! so I am soooooo!!!!! jealous that elder Holland is coming!!! you'll have to tell dad to do everything in his power to record it for me... just an explanation of it wont be enough :) but ya 97 degrees sounds amazing!!! haha we were walking down the street around 6:30 and I said 'oh it feels so nice' and we found out it was 100 degrees and
i never thought I would say 100 degrees feels nice... but ya we haven't been able to get in touch with Michael since last Wednesday and then we finally saw him yesterday and he said he's been going through some rough times and started smoking again so hopefully he'll start progressing again. We finally met with the Whites, i don't know if you've heard about them, but we've been trying to meet with them and they have a date set for baptism but we haven't been able to meet with them. but the wife called and set up reading appointments with us and we taught her some things and then we finally met with the husband and they are still solid! we also set Zion Jones with a date, a 13 year old kid who has member friends and things are going great with him! hes getting baptized on the 17 of September!
that's awesome about the preschool thing!!! sound fun, just glad I'm not there to enjoy it haha, actually I'd rather be babysitting than argue with people all day... but whatever haha well thank you so much for the package!!!! with the seminary book and the life of the savior and the gospel pictures! I really needed them! and also all of the treats! love you guys!
Love Elder John

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday August 25, 2012

Today is month 2 in the mission field! It's crazy! So I haven't written at all for a while but I'm trying to do better. Its been a great week! went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went to their area with Elder Lopez and it was awesome! they are Spanish speaking elders so in one lesson we go in and they are talking for like 10 minutes, then Elder Lopez turns to me and says 'so can you give the blessing?' and I went like, 'WHAT?' It was pretty funny, luckily I just had to anoint but ya it was out of the blue! at least for me... but things are going really well in our area and our wards are great! we had an awesome experience today! we visited a less active family and they were really nice, then as we were walking out this guy said, 'so that's who's car that is" so we got talking with him and he's very nice, his name is Henry, and he was talking about how hard things are so we offered to give a blessing on his home and he seemed very open to it! so we set up a time to come back cause it was getting late that night. so ya! Love you all!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Saturday August 18, 2012

Hey everyone! sorry I haven't written in so long. this last week has gone great! we've picked up 2 new investigators and probably another next week. both these new investigators are like around 13 and they want to be baptized so that's great!
Little update on me... I've gained 20 pounds since my first day here, not counting the mtc haha but don't worry I'll try not to gain anymore...
Elder Wong and my goal is to bench 180 by the end of this transfer so we're slowly working on it! I can finally remember who people are and where they live! everything is going well and I can definitely see myself changing! I I am A LOT more patient! I can see more of the big picture, at least more than before, and I am starting to not be as self critical as before be mission. And I don't care what people think about me, like almost at all! before I used to try to think, "now what is the worst thing they could be thinking of me right now" but now I'm not doing that! Well I have to run so Love You!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

today we had some great lessons! first we had zone training meeting, of which I played piano and we learned so much! oh and our Zone is so small now!
Anyway, we taught the Neil kids and a kid who is going to get baptized soon. then we went on exchanges so we can teach Scott and also Zion, a new 13 year old investigator. I went with Justic Conner to Zions and it went great! he wants to be baptized!
I don't have much time so love you all! also we went over to brother Larson's after to meet up with Elder Wong. and I shared a spiritual thought on when Nephi broke his bow... anyway brother larson is great! his knowledge of the gospel and the way he presents it is very appealing to me and I look up to him so much!

Friday August 10, 2012

Today was amazing! WE decided to go tract a street on the way to visit a potential investigator.. and the first person we met came out, 18 yr old, and started to talk and said 'i don't like standing so can we sit?' so we sat on the cement in 111 degree weather and taught an hour and a half lesson! and he said he might come to church Sunday! then we had a lesson with Michael tonight and it went well. we have to regn him in and we're doing better at it. the spirit was working so well through us. I talked about how I see him as a person worthy for the temple and we talked about the temple and how baptism is the first step , not the last. theres a lot more and we got him so close to setting a date for baptism! But it was great!
So lately my anxiety about just everything has totally gone away. Its like a weight has been lifted from my back! literally! Read mosiah 24! its literally like that! Its going so great!!! whoever is reading this, if you are just starting your mission or having a hard time.. things will get better. "some blessings come soon, some come late, and some didn't come til heaven" but I know they will come. take each moment as each moment. "moments are the molecules that make up eternity"
Don't be afraid of yourself. don't be afraid of your potential.
Elder John

Wednesday August 8 2012

Hey! these last few days have been going well. We've had a lesson with Scott Macey and he said he has no evidence that the church isn't true but he doesn't understand the need for the Book of Mormon... So we're working on that! WE have been teaching a lot of lessons and we are working on Scott licht, bishops friend. he was very thankful for the service we did and he asked if he could feed us a spaghetti dinner with his kids. so later we asked if we could share our message and he said that would be fine if we weren't trying to convert him haha so that will be great!

Sunday August 5, 2012

So sorry I haven't written that much down for this week. but its been pretty crazy. Transfers are tomorrow and Elder Wong and I are staying in our area so that's great! but they created 3 new zones, which I've heard is pretty crazy! this week has been great! Friday, Michael called us right before we went to dinner so we invited him to dinner and we then read Alma 31 with him and the family (Avery's) and they basically taught the lesson and the spirit was so strong! we then asked him to get baptized again and he said that he would but he needs to know that we have that authority for sure.
Then today in testimony meeting, he got up and bore his testimony and then bishop came up and said if we could all fast for Michael and said some other great things and the spirit was so strong! Michael caw crying! it was great!  then sister Avery went up and spoke some to Michael and so many people went up!it really energized the war to have Michael there! so ya! this week was great! I'm starting to become less and less stressed so ya that's about it! Love ya

Friday July 27, 2012

today we had interviews with the mission president and it went well! most of my anxiety about stupid stuff is going away, slowly. then we finished studies, after the assistants came over and cooked us lunch, they're in our district. then we did and the "I'm a mormon' things are so cool!
then we went and helped Scott  pull weeds and taught him about the Word of wisdom and the afterlife.
I've started to study the area book very hard and get to know it better. talking with sister Black today, she told me not to worry and not be too critical or down on myself.. cause i  do my best everyday and that's all I can give, I guess haha. Well Love ya!Love Elder John

Wednesday July 25, 2012

Month mark in the mission field! these past few days have been great!It's crazy how fast pday comes up! all of the sudden I get to play basketball! but this next pday we are going to Mt. Charlestaon so that should be fun.
But today was the first day I didn't feel anxious about every second of the day! this morning I was studying patience in the Christlike attributes section in preach my gospel. and i just need to stop being anxious about everything. this is the first time that i know for sure that I'm going to enjoy my mission the way i've always wanted tol today we went over to the  Niels and asked the 8 yr old what we taught him last lesson about the plan of salvation and he remembered a lot! Then we read Enos and talked about repentance and it went well. then we talked to Micheal and had a great discussion! the spirit is really working  in his life! then we brought a priest, Shane, out with us and taught a lesson in mutual to the priests about preparing to receive the priesthood and taught the restoration, basically, to a less active kid so we're doing well with teaching!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

July 21, 2012

Today we helped clean the church at 8 and then went to a lesson with a member family and their son is preparing for baptism so we're teaching them the lessons. A part member family also came whose kids aren't baptized. We then went to sis salazars and helped her on some yard work and we shared a spiritual though with her (Mormon 2) hopefully she'll come to church.  Then we went to dinner with the Sam's and they gave us the left overs. then we went to read the Book of Mormon with Michael and an T.M. Bently Boines came along. It went well, we studied first Nephi 10-13 then we told Michael we had a present for him. We gave him the left overs from dinner and he was so excited! cause he really needed food! So ya! Then we did visits to get people to church!
Love Elder John

July 20, 2012

Today went great. We went over to Scotts and taught him the Restoration. And the spirit was there and we also talked about him coming to his new ward since he moved but he feels more comfortable in our ward and meeting with us. We then did service for our Bishops (bishop Craig) neighbor whose name is Scott. (we have like 4 Scotts we're working with haha). then we did some visits and had dinner, we had BBQ!!! It was great! Then we met with Michael and Bro. Mathews at the church to read the Book of Mormon. we read up to the tree of life and discussed a lot. Then we committed him to reading the Book of Mormon Every day. Then we went over to a priest age young mans house and got him to come to a lesson and dinner with us on Monday.
Out statistics for this week are Great! We have 2 people with a baptismal date and have had 11 total lessons, including member lessons. We have a full day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to working hard and getting out there!
Love Elder John

July 18, 2012

Today was great! last night Elder Lopez came over and we had companionship exchanges. He was coming into our area and Elder Wong was going into the Zone Leaders area. Last night I was freaking out because I had no Idea what to do in our area. But today was Great! We went and visited some less active members but no one was home. So we did the 3-3-3 rule. We go and treact 3 houses in each direction, after a visit. Then we taught Michael at bro Mathews house. Bro Mathews is perfect for Michael because of his similar conversion process. We then tracted and Elder Lopex put a good twist on things. he said "We are in an area of our ward for a reason so we are going to find someone who we can have an effect on". So just having a good outlook is everything and each time we found someone who could be interested.
We found this lady, Lisa, who might let us in sometime! we discussed a little about the Book of Mormon and said we'd like to give her a copy and she said 'for free?' so it was pretty great.
So today was good because i finally realized what missionary work is and how to do it!
Elder Lopez also said that the mission brings out all of our weaknesses and faults so he said that I don't need to feel bad that I think I suck at everything. haha

Monday, July 16, 2012

June 16, 2012

Hey! thats crazy about all of the fires! well Elder Wong has been out 11 months, tomorrow, and this is his first time being trainer, senior comp, and district leader! so ya its pretty funny! Oh! and his first time in a car! the temperature in the car on thursday was 122 degrees! its also been raining like crazy here at night! the streets are full of mud and rocks and shrubs!  our investigator scott moved to another ward but with our new investigator michael... everything is going great! he came to church again and everything he is struggling with came up in church! they talked about the prodigal son in sacrament and, previously, he has been feeling like he needs to save the world but he and I talked about how he needs to 'come to himself' first. then I shortly addressed him wanting to bring everyone in a unity of faith in jesus christ, but not necessarily morminism... and guess what our lesson in elders quorum was! being member missionarlies and sharing the gospel with everyone!!! so ya pretty inspired stuff, on all parts! :)
Well love you!
Elder John

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 5

Today was great!  We went to a "Train the New Missionary training" today and then went to Taco Bell after.  Out lesson  bailed on us so we went tracking.  Then went to another lesson for a part member family.  The Dad is  a member and the son is 9 years old so they want him to take the lessons and find out for himself.  So we talked about baptism and told him how he can get an answer.  We then did some member visits and then went tracking.  We met a guy named Larry he's about 60 or 70 and we talked about 20-30 minutes and shared a little about Jesus Christ.  We got his address and hopefully we'll be able to talk to him some more.  We then went to see if an investigator was home and we found out he's going to get a divorce.  So we talked for about an hour and a half and asked him to pray and come to church.  It was great because it's the first time I (or we) have contacted a person and actually helped him.  His name is Scott, we knelt and prayed with him and asked him to come to church and he said he would.  He's very willing to do what the Lord tells him, so that's awesome.  then we went to get dinner, Pizza! and brought it home.
And!!!during our daily planning it was great because I actually know some people and some investigators so I can actually give my opinion on them and plan!!!  So today went well.  Well love ya all!
I love your letters in the mail!
Love, Elder John

Day 4

Today was great!  It was 105 degrees...but we got a car!!!  A 2012 Corolla!  It has blue interior and its awesome!  But we are going to just drive into our Zone (our apartment is like 3 miles out of our area so we have to  bike awhile just to get into our Zone) but now we can drive into our zone and use bikes to get around.  We went around  and got to know more of the members and went tracking which was fun!  Then we went to dinner with one of the ward mission leaders and then met the Bishop of the other ward.  He was excited that we are here because the other missionaries were really lazy.  So everyone is really excited.  We have 2 lessons tomorrow so hopefully they  go well.  Well I love you all!  Love Elder John

Day 3

Today was great we had our first lesson together with this kid who is like a ___ or a part member family.  Elder Wong's former companion was leaving the next transfer so he didn't want to do anything.  Tonight, when we were studying, he asked me if I'd be alright tracking tomorrow for 2 hours and I was like ya!  And he was so grateful that I wanted to actually do something.  We met the bishop and ___________.  He was very  excited that I was here and ready to work.  The ward hadn't had good missionaries for awhile.  It was 107 degrees tonight at 7:00 so it was hot riding a bike.  We got 2 new investigators today!    It's hard to learn who everyone is and where they live.  It's even worse since we cover two wards!!!  We ate at the ____ tonight and they are pretty awesome!  We get dinner every night!  We're so spoiled and everyone's rich:)  Then we met with the ward mission leader, Bro. Gover.  He's pretty awesome.  So that's all for today.  Love ya.  Love, Elder John

Day 2

My first real day in the mission field!  In comp study we went through the plan of salvation  ___ a part member family, but she cancelled us tonight.  We then  ___ the appointment since it was our p day.  Then we did some shopping.  Went to the Library and did e-mails and then we went to dinner at the ___ family.  They're super rich and really awesome!  They  own two Rembrandts!    They took us to Red Robin, yum.  I was told to share a spiritual thought about two minutes before.  So I talked about___being hit with pride and it ended up killing them.  Then I challenged them to pray  to check their pride levels lol.  They really liked that allegory in 1 Nephi 4:9.
  But then we went to meet the bishop then went to talk to the sister that stiffed us.
Oh, and it is my first day on a bike!  The bike is so awesome!  All of the missionaries are jealous.  I love ride a bike.  Today was 100 degrees so ya.  I'm so glad its dry heat.

Day 1 in field

Today we just went to the airport and got on our plane!  But we woke up at 3am so that stunk!
When we stepped off the plane we were right there in the thick of it     From our bubble in the MTC to Las Vegas.  We then went to the Mission home and had breakfast casserole.  Then went to a member's home and ate  dinner then went to FHE and that was interesting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9, 2012

Hey! So did my room get flooded? haha well anyway... this week was a little slow becasue of the 4th but we still got out and were teaching people. on the 4th we went to a members house and had a bbq then went down the street and they did illegal fireworks on the street.... every member bought like 1200 dollars worth of fireworks and it was crazy! So sunday we were just sitting down and only one of our investigators came to church and then this black guy comes in out of nowhere and we meet him and he sits next to us. his name is Michael and he just came in off the street. we sang the battle hymn of the republic and he sounded amazxing! the whole ward was looking back to see who it was! then we sang America the beautiful and it was awesome! he also did Halleluja hands!!! the bishop was laughing! it was awesome! so then we went to his house around 6 that night and taught him the first lesson and he's very knowledgable and crazy!! so we just told him to read the book of mormon and stuff... it was pretty crazy! but! this was the first time that i think i taught by the spirit and asked inspired questions because after elder wong said 'teh spirit was definitely there, i mean some of the questions you aksed...' haha because thats what I struggle with the most is asking inspired questions but it really came out this time! and I shared the first vision and said, very strongly, that I know that he saw God the Father and His son Jesus Christ... and it was amazing! but this guy is kinda crazy so hopefully he'll come around. well i love you! love Elder John

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 2, 2012

Hey! First week went great! it was very weird at first but its going well now... i just started to come out of my shell so it will take a while to get out of the 'beginning' stage of thinking and into the 'middle' stage like pres Uchdorf said. but the members are very great! we have meals every night and are booked for months! members are always trying to set up appointments. I'm going to have to work out very hard to not gain weight here! oh! and everyone, when I say I'm from Colorado, ask if I'm close to the fires and I'm like 'I hope not' so its good to know you're not. We met a guy tracting on Friday! he let us in to get some water and we talked about the book of Mormon. He said he's read it before and also scrutinized it. (idk how to spell that word). He's a minister. we asked him if he's ever prayed about it and he said no. so we asked him to pray about it and he seemed willing. the work is really picking up! the members and bishops of both the wards I'm in are very happy to have us here, missionaries who are ready to get to work! I'll also try to send some pictures next week cause I forgot my camera today, we go to the library so ya... and if you could... whenever you send another package for whatever reason... send the rest of my ties. cause I'm going to need all of them, please! And thanks so much for the package with my sheets and food and medicine! I went and bought some dayquil because i was sick the first part of this week so ya. and if you could also get all of my friends email addresses cause we are allowed to email them if we have time. (first we email family, then Pres Black, then friends) so ya! well I look forward to doing some work this week! oh and you'll read about this family in my letter home but i taught my first lesson yesterday, to a part member family! we go over there every Sunday and Monday night and go over what happened in church, if they came, and do fhe with them on Mondays! well I love you! Love, Elder John

Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Day in the Mission Field: June 25, 2012

Sister Fisher, Elder Jack, Sister Black, President Black, Elder Chapman, Elder San Miguel Elders Benioni, Rawlings, Gidewall, Blanco, Nelson, Hart, Houghton, Gregory-Tews, Aldridge, Elders Cook, Richards, Wilcock, Parker, Empey, Murry, John, Baker, Tanner, Johnson, Hunsaker