Monday, February 17, 2014

Transfer 15, Week 3, Lakes Zone, Desert Breeze Ward

Dear Family,
This week went pretty well! It was a pretty slow week however we had some good experiences. 
This week we had Zone Training Meeting (we give a training to the zone on Tuesday morning for a few hours). This month we are in Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel: Christlike Attributes. We discussed how we need to 'become a Christlike missionary and not just do missionary things'. It was a very good meeting, very spiritual. We emphasized the importance of us (the missionaries) being rooted in the Gospel, so that while we are here we can effect people in good ways, and when we go home we will be rooted in the Gospel when trials and hardships come. People shared some good insights and stories that really helped emphasize the importance of being rooted in the Gospel when trials come. We shared some clips from a video done by Elder Holland called 'For Times of Trouble'. So Great! He said that the 'path of discipleship always leads through Gethsemane... and ends somewhere near Calvary.' We need to be prepared to walk through trials and hardships (not nearly as much as the savior suffered). His concluding point really stuck with me! We need to be careful, while we are going through trials, of making the assumption that because we are suffering that must mean God does not love us. If we do that, what is that saying about the Saviors Atonement? His suffering was so much greater than ours; does that mean that God doesn't love the Savior? It was a really good lesson for me and I think it has helped prepare me to react in a positive way toward future trials. 

This past Thursday we did a few role plays during companionship study on how to teach the Book of Mormon. We used some of the pictures in the front of the soft-bound copy. While we were talking and finding good ways to explain and teach I found that there were a lot more blank pages in the back of the book than I previously had thought! 
So... later that day were knocking doors and we hit a long line of "no's". But the last house we knocked on let us right in! I was afraid he might be a preacher or something and just wanted to bash. However, he was very nice and we answered a few of his questions/misconceptions about the church. He was very interested in the Book of Mormon and its history. As we were talking he said, 'Is there somewhere I can write this down?' And we said, 'Yes!' He took notes while we talked (we didn't want to tell him that all of this is in a pamphlet. We figured he would learn better if he wrote it himself) and Elder Till even drew a timeline of the Bible and Book of Mormon. It was really cool! It taught me how God really does prepare us for the day, if we are willing to put some effort and prepare ourselves. The mans name is Armour and he is very nice. He didn't come to church this Sunday but hopefully we can get in touch with him and start some more lessons. 

Well I think that sums up the good points of the week! 
I love you all!
Elder John 

In the Old Testament and in modern Jewish culture there are small, rectangular boxes placed on the doorpost of many Jewish homes. This is appropriately called a Mezuzah, meaning "door post". Contained inside this box are small pieces of parchment that contain Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 11:13-21, and Numbers 15:37-41 (in that order). This is called the "Shema", it is recited in the morning and in the evening in Jewish homes. 
"The symbolic words of the commandment teach a beautiful lesson. The doorpost symbolizes the portals through which man moves to interact with his fellowmen. As one sets forth from or returns to home, his conscious desire should be to do the will of God." 
Let us learn a lesson from these words and examples that we should always be mindful of God in our comings and goings. :)

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