Monday, March 10, 2014

Transfer 15, Week 6, Lakes Zone, Desert Breeze Ward

 This is my tag in Jello! Someone got a hold of my tag and put it in jello! 

Dear Family,
Well the last week of the transfer went great! We taught 14 lessons and met with with 8 families and discussed Family Mission Plans with them. We have been sick since Tuesday but other than that its been a Great Week!

Elder Gonzales and Elder Till are going to be transferred so its sad... Elder Till will be transferred to Tule Springs and Elder Gonzales will be staying in the Zone in the Palmyra ward. I will be getting a new Zone Leader, Elder Campbell. I'm very excited to be getting him! He is full of energy and is super hilarious! 

The other day we didn't have a dinner so we stopped at Wendy's to grab something real quick. The kid at the register said that we looked like FBI agents. Then after looking a little closer he said, "Oh Jesus Christ, ok". We told him who we were and talked for quite a while. He said he would be interested in meeting with us and might want to come to church soon. His name is Leroy and he seemed to be pretty interested! 

We had a pretty good lesson with a part member family this week. We went over for dinner and in the past its been a little awkward because they argue and fight all the time. Well, after dinner we shared the Mormon Message, Reclaimed, and then asked what they thought about it. He doesn't really have a belief in religion or anything like that and he asked us some questions. It was a little bit hostile at first and I was just sitting there listening to his wife try to explain it and them just arguing. After a while I just told him how god loves him and that I know that God loves me and that's why he's given me religion and church. Of course there was a lot more that we discussed but the basic message was that God loves him. Elder Gonzales shared some thoughts and committed him to pray. I don't know how much we were able to 'help' him but I do know that the lesson ended a lot better than it started :) 

This is just a random thought but I see myself turning into my dad so much more than I was before. In the way that I laugh and also in the way that I act in serious situations. I used to always think, 'aw why does he always have to be so serious when...' and now I see myself turning into that, while talking to investigators but more especially in talking with missionaries about serious things. Its Great! Now I understand Dad! :) 

So we had a wonderful Zone Training Meeting this week! The Theme of the month is 'The Living Christ'. So we decided to get everybody a framed "Living Christ" (dollar stores are amazing!) We talked of how the apostles fulfill their responsibility to be special witnesses of christ and watched a movie where Elder Holland is talking to a returned sister missionary and tells here that the only difference between his service and her service is that her service only lasted 18 months and his continues. He also touched on the fact that missionaries are Apostles with a little 'a'. So we talked about what it means to us to be apostles who, as the word means, are 'sent forth' to preach the gospel and be witnesses of Christ. We had them write their own missionary commission and then at the end we had them take 'The Living Christ' out of the frame and sign their name under the Fist Presidency. Hopefully some of it made an impact and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and have all my efforts focused on Christ! 

We had a lesson with the Worku family the other day and it was probably the best lesson we have ever had with them! We had the 2 Worku kids, the mom, and 2 little cousins there. We went over the ten commandments and showed them hand signals they can use to remember all of them. They were all very engaged and they loved it! We decided that we are going to get a Primary manual and start teaching out of that! 

There's a less active in the ward that we were able to meet with this week as well. She is having a hard time financially so she is going to leave to work somewhere else for a few months. Her daughter is not a member and the mom was very worried about her being alone. They came to church and met a bunch of good people! Hopefully everyone will continue to reach out to them and show them love! They are a great family! 

We had a lesson with Bryan this week and made a Baptismal Calendar for him. We also gave him a blank teaching record to show him what we still need to teach. We are teaching him tonight after transfers and then again on Wednesday. the only thing that could keep him back from baptism is coming to church since he works most Sundays. 

So yesterday was one of the best Sundays of my mission! We had 6 Investigators there! Savannah, the Workus, Simon, Konrad and his dad. it was great! There were some interesting things that happened during church ie boring speakers, friends of scouting during sacrament meeting and some other stuff, but overall it was great! I am so proud/appreciative of the youth in the ward! They did a really good job with accepting Konrad and helping him feel welcome! I think he will come next week! Yay for awesome fellowshipers! 

Well I think thats it for this week! I love you all and hope all is well! 
Elder John 

"If we become too efficient at pushing, shoving, and shouting, then we are too adapted to this world- too busy polishing skills which will ere-long become obsolete." -Neal A. Maxwell

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