Monday, April 21, 2014

Transfer 16, Week 6, Lakes Zone, Desert Breeze Ward‏

Dear Family,
This week went great! We had 3 lessons with Jamaris this week. For the first lesson we had Ryan, a member with us. He is super chill and seems to be helping Jamaris out. He shared his experience of his mother dying when he was 11. That really hit Jamaris. he said, 'man that guy lost his mom when he was young and I fight with my mom all the time. He wishes he could just talk to her.' that's what he told us after the lesson. When we met up for the third lesson, Ryan came along. Jamaris told him how it hit him and Ryan was very happy that it helped. 
The baptism will be this Saturday at 1:30. We have a mission conference with Brad Wilcox, a Church Education System speaker. That meeting ends at 1 so hopefully we can clear the missionaries out in time to hold the baptism! 
Jamaris told us of some things that he has learned so far from meeting with us. He said that he noticed his speech needs to change. He has also realized that other people remember his name and he realized how respectful it is to remember peoples names and shake their hands. He is very excited to be baptized and to keep going! He has 25 cards that we gave him; he put our number on the cards and is passing them out. He said, "you guys work really hard and it must be difficult to get people to listen to you. I'll try to get you more people to talk to". He is super solid!!! 

We had a few lessons with Armour this week as well. We brought a member from the ward, Brother Boyak. He is super good at teaching, even though he apologized because its been a while for him. Things seem to be going well with Armour. We've taught him all the lessons except for all the commandments. This past Saturday morning we read 2nd Nephi 32. When it talked about coming in by the way, he said, "this seems like a kind of baptism. Then you get the holy ghost". I was like, "YESSSSS!!!!" well in my head I was thinking that! He put the dots together! We didn't have to do anything! The spirit is the best teacher! 

We got a referral for Eric and Alma. The address is on a street with no houses so we just decided to drive over there and see if we were mistaken. Well there were no houses there, so we called them and they seemed excited. We asked for an address but they gave us the same one that the referral said. We looked at the building number and its a water store... So I will update you on what happens this Tuesday at 6! I hope we get some good water!!! 

We have some good potential investigators coming up. Our ward mission leader is working with one of his friends who works at home depot. We hope to start lessons with him soon! 
We also have a couple that seems excited to meet with us. We contacted the husband outside their house a while ago, his name is Dave. Her name is Diane and when we showed up at the time we agreed on she said, "oh dang it. once I heard the doorbell I knew it was you. Sorry we didn't call you but we will have to reschedule, we were just heading out the door." That didn't sound too nice by just reading it, but pretend it was in a 'nice' voice :) 

This past Monday we had a great Day! We only have about 3 hours to proselyte on Mondays. But we ended up teaching 3 lessons! one to a less active family we had for dinner. Another to Jamaris. and our last one was Andy. He is the grandson to the Chinese woman that we taught. She was not interested but we taught him and he said he would be baptized. So he just needs to get permission and we hope to meet with him soon! We also had an encounter with a member from one of the other wards after our lesson. We went to one of the church buildings after our lesson and as we were coming out she was outside. She said, 'What time is it?" I told her it was 9:25pm. Then she said, "So you haven't retired home yet?" I answered, "No, we were just on our way to". Then she quickly said, "so the answers no". I said have a good night and we walked to our car. I guess she didn't realize that we just came from a lesson. I love members always watching out for us :) :) 

This past Tuesday we had a 'going away district meeting' for Elder West, who goes home this afternoon (Monday the 21st). We set up the hall as a terminal and the relief society room as an airplane. We gave everyone tickets and had signs around that said 'Air Canada'. then we all sit in the 'airplane' and watch Labor of Love. Its a missionary movie that is set on a plane. Its a tradition to do something like this the last district meeting of a missionary. so it was super fun! He is a great missionary and will be missed! 

Today we hiked a part of red rock. We hiked Calico Basin. Its super rocky and basically its just climbing up a huge pile of rocks and then coming down. Coming down was pretty sketchy but we made it back with few injuries :) 

Today is transfers and Elder Campbell and I are staying! Not really a surprise but we are glad to do so! 

Well I think that's all for this week! Love you all!
Elder John 

"Redeeming Jesus also “poured out his soul unto death” (Mosiah 14:12; see also Isa. 53:12; D&C 38:4). As we on occasion “pour” out our souls in personal pleadings, we are thus emptied, making room for more joy!" -Neal A. Maxwell

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