Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Dear Family
This week was great! our investigators are still doing well and are excited for baptism! I was really bummed though because one of them, when their fellow-shipper went to pick them up, said that they had family in town and that they were not going to come to church. So our next lesson will be about revelation through church attendance! Hurray! 
A week or so ago we decided to walk that day instead of driving our car, just in our local area, and we bumped into this guy, Raul. He is 34 and lives with his parents. He was kinda unsure about letting us in because his parents are catholic and they won't welcome us. so we stood outside and talked. This last Thursday we happened to be in the area and we bumped into him again. This time we shred the message of the Restoration and when we first were talking with him he seemed really sad and he said that he felt sick. but after talking with him and sharing the first vision with him, he said that he felt warm inside and that he had goosebumps! We talked about baptism and that after he is baptized he can have that feeling with him always! Isn't it amazing that people don't know they can feel this way all of the time!!! Well we committed him to baptism and then we set up a time for a member to pick him up to have a lesson in a member home on Saturday. So Saturday came and we watched the Restoration video. After discussing prophets and the priesthood we committed him to be baptized on the 13th of April!!! Legit! He is one of those souls who are ready and who needs the Gospel! He talked about sins in his past and we told him that all of those feelings of guilt will be gone if he turns to the Savior and he does the things that we ask him to. Not because we want him to but because the Savior wants him to. 
Also!!! we found an awesome Mexican family! We went trackting a few weeks ago and this guy names Juan answered the door and said that he would want to meet with us. then we stop by and this lady says "we speake no englis... I'm sorry' and it wasnt very convincing because the 'im sorry' part sounded very american. the next time we stop by a kid named Aldo answered the door and told us to come back... then the next time we come back and the dad, Abel answered the door (ps I refer to him as cain when we are planning haha) but he said to come back... and when we came back this time he said come on in! and he had his son there and his nephew too! the son said that he couldnt remember this scripture he learned in his christian school and the dad said 'ask them, they know everything' (ask the missionaries they can help! you're so right elder nelson!!) so we talked for a while and shared finding faith in christ with them and they were so excited and so we have the perfect members to be fellowshippers for them! We are going to have a lesson this next week! So happy!!!
Well... things are going great here! WE have a baptism on the 23rd of March and on the 13th of April! Miranda is getting interviewed tonight so hopefully all goes well!!!
Thanks for the support!!! 
Elder John 

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