Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

This week has been great! We were able to have the baptism of Miranda Springer on Saturday and it was amazing! It was very low stress and everything went well! Miranda's parents who are non-members came and they seemed to really enjoy it! They also came to her confirmation and the spirit seemed to really touch them! Hopefully something can come from that!
This last weeks district meeting was the most spiritual district meeting I've ever been in! We discussed the Atonement and the need for an atonement and then we watched the bible videos on  We watched the one that takes place in the garden of Gethsemane. it was really touching and seemed to show the mortal side of Jesus. We then watched Missionary work and the Atonement.  We were all crying by the end and we all shared; 'because of the Atonement I can...' statements. It was very spiritual! Then after district meeting we went to a less actives house.  The wife has been in a lot of pain with her back and her daughter has made some horrible decisions and has gone off the deep end. they have been struggling with the daughter for years. So we talked about how Christ loves her and then we showed them the 'mountains to climb' mormon message, narrated by President Eyring.  It was so spiritual because this families life has been so hard and this video actually had an effect on them! I was crying so much and they were too! wow! Its been such a spiritual week!
One of our investigators, Deanna... the one who wants to start her own church has been difficult these last few weeks. but this last week was great! She asked us, 'so do you guys want me to be mormon' and we explained that we would like her to be baptized and talked more about that... and now she is actually progressing! She is having some trouble with the apostasy but hopefully we can work that out!
We were able to finally go and see Kui Kelly. He's a less active that was diagnosed with cancer so we havent been able  to see him for a while. He has been going through radiation and we were finally able to meet with him. We showed him Mountains to Climb and he said it was the most spiritual thing he had ever seen!
Ok so the worst thing about this week: At the baptism for Miranda we were waiting for the meeting to start (waiting for the Bishop haha) and then Elder Golden says "Is that Sister Mcdonald" then it clicked in my head that April was not getting baptized today... now let me give you some history ("no, it is too much, let me sum up"- Princess Bride) anyway... April was going to be baptized the same day as Miranda... and april was going to the employment center where all of the senior sisters work... and they got really close to her. so we told them about aprils baptism like a month ago... well after april was not able to be baptized because she would be out of town I fogot to call sister mcdonald and tell her. So I have to face this sweet little old lady on a motorized cart (not really on a cart but you know what I mean) and tell her that april is not being baptized today! I will never forget the face that she gave me. she grabbed her chest and fell backward a few inches against the wall... and I said 'I am so sorry its totally my fault' to which she said 'yes it was your fault' I was like... oh my gosh!!! I'm sorry Lady!! lol but then after talking for a while I finally softened her up (I think it was because of my tie and my suit) haha jk. but ya it was terrible!
Well sorry to end on a bad note but we just need to get used to disappointment lol (another princess bride quote) well love you all!!
Elder John

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