Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Dear Family,
This week was another great one in Meadows Stake! It started off pretty slow and we were not able to have many lessons because our preparation day was mixed up due to our temple trip on Wednesday. Nevertheless we were able to have a lesson with Teki and we read 3 Nephi 11 with her. We discussed baptism and we committed her to be baptized. She said that she wanted her kids to be baptized and she also asked whether she could be baptized again. So we explained that the authority is necessary and that authority was gone after the apostles died. Once we told her about that  and related that it was necessary  for the restoration of the gospel, in order for that authority to be restored, she was so excited that she finally understood! So her and two of her 3 kids are going to be baptized soon! Unfortunately, she did not come to church this week so we are going to have to make sure she is committed. 
We did, finally, have an investigator at church this week! His name is Reese and he was welcomed very well by the ward! He fell asleep a few times but he seemed to have a good time anyway :)
We were able to also get in touch with another investigator, Demario. We talked on his door step with him for over an hour about the restoration. He believes that there was an apostasy from the original church and he basically believes everything that we do. However he seems to feel that there is no need for one man to be a prophet and he thinks that everyone today is a prophet. So we asked him how well that seems to be working out for the world today! He said he would go to and watch videos of Thomas S. Monson and that he would read the Book of Mormon as well.
We had another lesson with Karma on Sunday. We introduced Elder Manning to her and talked a little bit about events that are going on in her life. Then I felt like I should bring up prayer, something that we discussed in earlier lessons. In previous lessons she has expressed that she does not believe in prayer, as she has prayed when she was younger but it did not seem to help.  So I brought it up and explained how prayer is to bring our will to our Father in Heavens will, not to bring His will to ours. I told her that her that I believe her prayers as a young child are being answered at the present, as missionaries are meeting with her now. I told her just to think about her relationship with God and think of how God may have been in her life in earlier years. To me that seems like a form of prayer; at least it is better than her not praying at all!
We had an elders quorum activity on Saturday. The activity was to go in a certain neighborhood and knock doors to try to find people interested in the Gospel. Only the Elders quorum presidency and Elder Manning and I showed up but it was a good experience. We need more elders!!!!
This week has been great and the work is finally progressing!!!
love you all!
Elder John
"If you pray for strength, the Lord will give you something to lift"

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