Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013

This is going to be a great transfer! This first week, however, was difficult. We were not able to have a good number of lessons but we are working on finding new investigators and working with the investigators that we have, who actually want to learn.
We had some very funny experiences this week as well! While we were tracting we had knocked on a door and this Hispanic man opens and motions for us to enter. we slowly walked in and he said something about them already having a meeting. We thought it was with another faith but as we walked into the main room we saw three Spanish speaking missionaries sitting on the couch. We felt bad because we interrupted their lesson but the woman said that this experience just shows her that the message we have to share is really important and that she needs to listen to it.
We had another funny experience while contacting a man. He was pushing on his tires with his feet to check the tire pressure (how they helps you know if they are flat is a mystery to me) and I said, "Checking your tire pressure?" followed by a laugh that I can only spell as "hurph". and we kept on walking and it was super awkward! but that's how missionary work is! haha
It is great serving with Elder Manning! He is going home in a few months and I am excited to continue serving with him near the close of his mission.  I am going to learn a lot from him and I have learned much so far. He is a great missionary and I feel dwarfed compared to his gospel knowledge and mission experience.
We had the opportunity to go to the temple today so sorry that I didn't email Monday. The temple is an amazing place and everyone should have their goal be the temple. Our goal as missionaries is not only to bring people to the covenant of baptism but also to help guide and prepare them for the temple.
Things are going really well and we are working hard. A lot of tracting and contacting which, hopefully, I am getting better at. We are here to find the elect that want to hear this message so for all you missionaries don't worry if you mess up or think you say something dumb because it wont matter either way! If they are ready they will still accept it if you are trying your hardest!
Love you all!!
Elder John

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