Monday, December 9, 2013

Transfer 13, Week 6, Lakes Zone, Desert Breeze Ward‏

Dear Family,
This week is transfers! we will find out on Saturday whether Elder Herlin is staying or going. I really want him to stay to show me the area a little more because I've only been here 6 weeks but I have a feeling that he will be transferred. 
This past week went pretty well, however it was not as productive as last week.
We had an investigator drop us this past Friday. Chris walks outside and tells us that he is happy where he is and he is happy with his relationship with God. It hurt so bad but it also was also pretty hilarious   because it felt like he was breaking up with us. He said "Even when you aren't here I'm still thinking about you". Which made us laugh a little bit. But it still hurt and we are really sad. 
The Worku family came to church this past week so we followed up with them on Wednesday to see how they liked it. It was so amazing to see the difference that has happened since they have come to church. They seem to understand everything so much more! When we asked them what the role of the book of mormon was in their conversion she actually tried to come up with a good answer and really thing about the question. They didn't come to church but hopefully we can meet with them this week! 
We had our Christmas party this past Friday! It was the best Christmas party I've seen all year! :)
It was 'polar express' themed and they had a train that drove all of the kids (and adults) around the parking lot. It was super fun but the best part about it was that the Johnstons came! We were not having a very productive day and we were trying to visit anyone we could. We thought of this family that usually isn't home during the day. We were desperate so we decided to go by. They were home and we invited them to the party! They came and sat with this great young couple in the ward. They sat and talked the whole night and seemed to have a lot of fun! When the Johnstons were leaving, brother Johnston came up and said "I'm very grateful that you guys stopped by and invited us to the party". Plus it turns out that the couple they sat with is his home teaching partner. So Sunday they went home teaching together!!! so great!!! 
The Christmas devotional was amazing and it really reminded me of the true meaning of Christmas!!! 
Thank you very much for all your support! 
Elder John

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