Monday, January 20, 2014

Transfer 14, Week 5, Lakes Zone, Desert Breeze Ward‏

Dear Family,
This week was fabulous! I don't know if I included this in my last letter, but President Teshima has asked all of the missionaries in the zone to visit every member of their ward and invite them to Stake Conference (Elder Holland will be there!). So I told the stake that we should make a flyer to pass out to everyone. So the stake made a flyer to pass out to everyone! They printed out 3,000 flyer's! so we divided them up and each ward has 333 flyer's to pass out! We sent around a sign up sheet in Relief Society and in Priesthood for people to write down the names of people that they Home teach so we can take their names off of the list people that we need to visit. We've been working on that this week and so far we only have 40 families left to visit (a few days ago we had over 100 families to visit). So we are super excited about that!
Some more excitement this week! We received a call from a missionary while we were in a meeting with the Stake on Tuesday. He said (very comely) "would you have time sometime today to take us to an urgent care?" I said, "Is it for you?" After he affirmed I told the stake we had to leave for an emergency. We pull up and he is standing outside his apartment with bloody paper towels around his hand. His companion said, 'I swear he punched first' haha. Turns out he was having some trouble with his disc brakes on his bike and as he was messing with it his finger got sucked into the brake and cut his finger. We took him to the only urgent care open, on Martin Luther King Blvd. (sketchy place) and they couldn't stitch it there so we went to the E.R. So that was a fun filled day! I'm glad that we went to the E.R. though because we ran into some nonmembers that wanted a blessing for one of their friends the previous day. I cant explain the whole situation (it would take too long) but it was really a miracle that we ran into them, seeing that it was us who sent the referral to the missionaries in the area.
Brian came to church! He is the Johnstons brother. He seemed to like it and bishop welcomed him from the pulpit!
We also set Sister Worku for a date for baptism; the 22nd of February. She has only come to church once and she hasnt been reading the Book of Mormon as much as she should... so its a pretty soft commitment. but hopefully she can 'man up' and get moving!
I had a great realizatjion a few weeks ago. We were talking in sunday school about God being our Heavenly Father. And it hit me harder than it ever has that when I go to be judged I will not want to be in the presence of God knowing that I willingly sinned against Him. I know we cannot be perfect but I know that we can improve. That is what we are asked to do. Improve. Sin can be referred to as 'missing the mark'. As we come closer and closer to God and understand him more, we get closer and closer to 'the mark' and farther and farther away from sin. I realized that with some of the 'small' or 'petty' sins that I choose to keep doing I am still missing the mark, no matter how small the divide between the 'mark' and the sin. I thought "Am I going to let this get in the way of mee living with my Father in Heaven?" Because at that time that I get to the Judgment, I know that no unclean thing can dwell with God. So what am I doing to do to willingly give up sin?!
Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder John
"If we do not build our house of salvation on a true foundation, we will never make the spiritual progress that will prepare us to enter the Eternal Presence." - Bruce R. McConkie

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