Monday, May 12, 2014

Transfer 17, Week 3, Lakes Zone, Desert Breeze Ward‏

Dear Family,
Wow! Such a great week! We got 6 new investigators this week! 
So the first one was Catherine. She is the one who is living on the streets. We are working with members of the ward to get her in a place to stay so she can get baptized. 
We had 3 great lessons with her this week! We taught her the Restoration, Book of Mormon, and Plan of Salvation. During our first visit she brought up a site on her ipad. It had the top ten most bizarre things that 'mormons' believe. And we went through them all, one by one, and for the most part they were all true. and she believes in all of them as well. 

We were able to teach Dave and Diane finally. We found them while coming out of Kims house. They are christian and when we brought up baptism they said that they have already been baptized. We explained that it is essential to have the correct authority to perform baptisms. They will be a long project but hopefully they can come to church and feel the spirit. 

Elder Campbell was able to teach a former investigator Sister Smith while we were on exchanges. I'm not really sure how the lesson went, since I wasn't there, but she came to church and we have a lesson set up for Tuesday evening! 

On Tuesday night we went to an appointment which fell through. As we were leaving we saw this lady walking her dog. We asked her if she has ever met with missionaries and she said she has not. We explained a little about the restored Gospel and she agreed for us to come by on Saturday. So We stopped by on Saturday we taught her and her daughter, Anna, the first lesson. The daughter said she would pray every night this week to know if what we taught was true. Anna also accepted to be baptized when she knows its true. Greselda, the mom is going to be a little more tough. She is catholic bt she doesn't come to church because she doesn't feel the spirit. We invited her to come to church (she didn't make it this week) and we hope she decides to come soon. Anna is going to be the backbone of their conversion. She seems to really want to do what is right. 

So those were our new investigators for this week! We are so excited to have a lot of people to teach! it is still going to be really difficult to meet with them but we are just excited to have things looking up. Last week we were in the finding stage and we are so glad that the work paid off! 

So one of our potential investigators, Chris, tried to make a deal with us. He works at the pool Hard Rock Cafe (i cant think of a worse place for missionaries) and he told us that he would listen to our message if we went and visited him there. We told him that we cannot go. He then invited us to this festival (in our zone) where he would have a booth. He then made the same deal if we came there. So we decided to accept. On Thursday we went over to the festival after our temple trip in the early afternoon, to avoid crowds. As we walked up we decided not to go in. It might have been the 9 dollar entry fee mixed with our already present hesitation that made us decide not to enter :) We hope that doesnt truly effect him listening to us!

We met with Armour on Tuesday and we asked him to pray for what it means to him that the book of mormon is true. he knows its true but he just doesn't know what to do with that knowledge. He said it is going to be a huge change in his life if he gets baptized. so we told him to pray about it. He didn't make it to church this week but he better make it next week!! :) 

We had a great lesson with Jarmaris. It was his first 'new member lesson'. Brother Gardiner came with us and he is such a great teacher! Jarmaris said that he wants to serve a mission and when we told him that he will have to wait a year he said that would be perfect for his music career. We are so excited for him! We were able to ordain him a priest yesterday! So cool! 

It was so great to be able to call home and talk to my parents for Mothers day! I hope they had a mothers day too!! 

Well I think that is all for this week! 
I love ya!
Elder John 

"If we are not serving Jesus, and if he is not in our thoughts and hearts, then the things of the world will draw us instead to them! Moreover, the things of the world need not be sinister in order to be diverting and consuming." - Neal A. Maxwell

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