Monday, May 19, 2014

Transfer 17, Week 4, Lakes Zone, Desert Breeze Ward‏

Dear Family,
So this week was amazing!!!
So we've been teaching Cathernine and we talked to President Ahlander to see if we could baptize a person that doesnt have an address. After talking for a few minutes we came to the conclusion that we could not deny someone the opportunity to be baptized if they were truly converted. She is set for te 31st of May to be baptized and she seems to be progressing very well. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ along with Tithing, Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and the Ten commandments. This week we are probably going to show her some videos of President Monson to get her more familiar with our modern-day prophet.
We taught Armour and we watched the Restoration (20minute version) to get him more aquainted with the Joseph Smith story. We also read Alma 32 with him and he really enjoyed it. He told us he was going to make it to church and stay all three hours but he texted 10 minutes after church started and said he wouldnt be able to make it.
On a brighter note, I dont remember if I said this in my last letter, but Anna (the daughter of Grselda) is best friends with Ferrah Jolley (daughter of our Ward Mission Leader). So we set up a lesson and we all went over to teach Anna and her mom. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and how they can read it and gain help from it. We commited them to baptizm for the 14th of June, however we may have to do it earlier because Anna is going to Mexico for a few months this summer.  Brother Jolley and Ferrah seemed to love the lesson! Bro Jolley told us this Sunday in Ward Council that Ferrah said she wants to serve a mission now. So cool!
It helps so much to have members fellowship! Brother Jolley at the end of the lesson told Grselda that he would pick them up for church. She was very appreciative and guess what! She made it to church! Hurray for Fellowship!!!
We were also able to teach Sister Smith (the lady who Elder Campbell taught last week with Bishop Warnick. We took Bishop Hunt with us and he is very familiar with Sister Smith. She has been taking the lessons on and off for years and he told her that she jsut needs to get baptized. So we taught her the Restoration and commited her to baptism. She was out of town this weekend in Arizona but we hope to baptize her quickly. In the past she has seemed to be sketchy with being commited so we are hoping that she is more committed now.
We had our second new member lesson with Jarmaris this week at brother Gardiners house. He taught the lesson this time and it was on the Plan of Salvation. He is a wonderful teacher and Jarmaris just soaks everything in!!! Bro Gardiner asked me during the lesson, "what is your favorite part about being a missionary and sharing the plan of salvation with people?" I was caught off guard, almost cried (but I stopped myself), and I think it is just being able to share the truth with people that will actually accept and live it. If they will accept it they will get a greater view of themselves and their potential.
We had a great opportunity to do some service for a less active family in the ward. The Faircloths are a great family, Sister faircloth and Natalia. Natalia is 9 and was baptized a few months before I got to this area. they have not been to church since. However we have visited them almost every other week and finally they allowed us to do some service for them! We painted their wall in front of their house and we picked the worst day to do it. Saturday was over 100 degrees! But it was worth it because they came to church Sunday! The first time I have ever seen them there!!
Well I think that was it for this week! This past week our ward was really hiped up on missionary work! They are excited for the upcoming opportunities in the ward boundaries!
I love you all!
Elder John
"Redeeming Jesus also 'poured out his soul unto death'. As we on occasion 'pour' out our souls in personal pleadings, we are thus emptied, making room for more joy"- Neal A. Maxwell

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