Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Dear Family,
This week was great. we are working on getting our ward more involved in missionary work! At each dinner we are giving the family either "restoration" pamphlets or 'plan of salvation' pamphlets. We are having them get specific goals and practice what they will tell their friends. The ward is very excited to have their own set of missionaries and they are devoted to help us find people to teach.
This week we were able to get some investigators to think about baptism! Alyssa, Zach,  and Alana. They are not however, wanting to come to church so we are working on that. But everything with them seems to be going great!
We are waiting on an investigator to have things settle down in her life then she can meet with us. hopefully things start getting better for her in the upcoming days.
We were able to talk to an inactive member who was in her 30's. she left the church when she was about 20 and she just didn't believe it because she was only doing it for her mom, because she grew up in it. so we told her to find out for herself and not just for herm mom. When we first talked with her she said that she didn't believe in God but that she believed in the universe. by the time we finished she said that she would pray to know if God was there. She also agreed to have VISITING TEACHERS!!! so awesome!!!
That's pretty much it for this week but things are going well and I LOVE being on bike!
'My Mother'
For all she has given me I thank my mom
Though I grow, I reflect on all she has done
The bruises, the scrapes, and everything in between
She has always shown me love, even when I complain
Now I am absent and she cannot comfort me at present
But her spirit and the memories of her kind words will comfort me evermore
When needing help, comfort, or love
I now can only reflect on the loving words that my mother has given me
-Elder John
"Mom is always right"

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