Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Sick!!!!! I'm so excited!!! that announcment was crazy!!!! I dont know if chelsea told you... or if I should tell you but she said she is going on a mission!!!!!!! thats so sick!!!! haha I'm so excited for her!!! wow! well I wrote you a letter about this week... but its gone really well!!! we got congradulated by our zone leaders for leading the zone in lessons with a member present.. but crazy crap!!! man that announcment means that this is the last time for a harvest... we need to get ready for big stuff to happen!!! oh man!!! I'm so excited!!!  well I dont have much to report on but this week was great!!! I love You all and there is more info in my letter i'm sending in the mail! love You!
Love Elder Jhon
ps. did ryan and susie ever get my letter??!

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