Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday October 15, 2012

that's awesome about your mouse cave! so this week was great!!! we got a new investigator who requested us on and usually when we get those we knock and have to explain ourselves... like "we are missionaries... you requested us?" but we knocked and she was like
ah come on in!!! she said she has been raised catholic and is going through a divorce, she has a 3 year old son named Preston. but she is looking for something more... so we answered some questions and
 stuff... and oh she is on chapter 12 of the book of Mormon!!! and she  asked how big a deal coffee is and we told her about a word of wisdom and then she said, "oh so if its coffee or my soul, I'll choose my  soul." then as we were leaving she gave us her coffee maker!!! se we have a coffee maker in our apartment! (that's going to go over well with apartment checks haha). so then we met with her again on Thursday and she accepted the commitment to be baptized!!! so its awesome!!!
This Friday we should have a baptism but its really stressful... cause the ward mission leader wants the baptism to be this Friday, cause the investigator cant do it unless its this Friday, until like 3 weeks
from now... and we haven't taught any of the commandments besides follow the prophet... so we have to teach all of the commandments tonight and she will get interviewed tomorrow!!! oh crap I'm
stressing... but I'd rather stress about a baptism than other stupid stuff... so ya! and one of our other investigators was supposed to get baptized last Saturday but she had an accident at work so we are
 trying to schedule stuff to get them back on track....but good things are happening and its going great!!! I heard you guys were over at Chelsea's and had a funny experience with bishop... Idk his name. haha that's so awesome she is going on a mission!!! well I love you guys!!!
Love Elder John

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