Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Wow Crazy Stuff!!! thats awesome about ryan and susie!!! by the way did ryan and susie ever get my letter????
anyway this week has been hard but its getting better. We have two investigators set for baptism on the 13th and we have one that we are going to set with a date tonight! Its gonna be amazing!
Oh and mom asked what I would like in a package!!  those chocolate chocolate chip cookies would be amazing!!!! any oatmeal you have, preferably the... not cinimon but... I forgot what kind.  uh... and I cant think of anything else. oh and more of those yogurt bars or nutrigrain bars...
well anyway... thanks for the support! its crazy to think that on the 6th of october I'll have been out for 4 months!!! it goes by crazy slow but then all of the sudden the month is over!!!
I'm sending my records of each day in the mail and if I have to to email them to you I will.
This week I decided to write the book of mormon in my own words, as if I were explaining it to my children. So I'm working on that! something cool for my kids to see from my mission!
Well Love you all!!! sorry, I dont have much time to email!!!
Love Elder John

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