Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday October 22, 2012

thanks!!! those notes were awesome!!! this week we had 3 baptisms! on Tuesday the whites called us and asked if they could be baptized on Saturday.... so I was like.. uh ya! haha it was pretty stressful  cause we had a mini mission in the stake that day so we had four prospective missionaries with us the whole day but they were awesome!!! I'll send you a pic next week of them!
Friday we had the baptism of Rachael Farley, who married a member and she was interested in the church.
Then Saturday the guy baptizing the whites flew in from Texas and landed at 9:05 and the baptism was at 10:30 so that was cutting it close! but it was crazy spiritual! the guy, Jeremy, who baptized them bore his testimony and said how this day was 50 years in the making. he spoke of his parents and their parents and all of the hardships and trials that they have gone through to get them to this point. it was so spiritual!!! Mary white was crying the whole time!!!!
then the bishop spoke about the atonement and he asked all of the full time missionaries, and since we had about 10 prospective missionaries at the baptism they came up too... and then he spoke of how our message is centered on Jesus Christ and it was very awesome!!!
The Whites have a goal for getting sealed a year from now and they are so excited for it!!!
This week has taught me a lot about how the work progresses. this work will go on with or without us. so I think we would rather be working hard while it is progressing than being static, watching it go by!
I love you all!!!!!
Elder John
 Rachael Farley, our baptism on Friday the 19th of October 2012!

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