Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was great! we taught some good lessons to  our recent converts and everything is going well with all of them! Its so cool to see Zion Jones passing the sacrament and setting up chairs and stuff! 
anyway... I was kinda worrid because all of our investigators are baptized now so we have no new investigators to teach. but the Lord provides a way. He know that Elder Smith and I are here to work so He will give us work.  We got a new investigator this week. David, he was a referral a few months ago and we were finally able to meet with him.  Then we got another media refferal and she said she would be open to hearing our message, but she was sick this week so hopefully she is feeling better so we can meet with her.  Then we got a text friday night from one of our elder quorum presidents and said to stop by a certain house. so we went there and teh wife is a member but is very less active. and they are struggleing with everything: their power may get shut off anytime and food is scarce... (dont judge my spelling, my excuse  is that im on a mission haha) but her husband wants to meet with us and maybe to the discussions so that will be awesome!!! but on the down side, all of that work is in Cedar Springs  Ward. Elkridge has nothing going on lol. Michael Maclin, our black investigator was so close to setting a date for baptism this week!  he is definitely going to get baptized but we hope that it is soon! we met with Michael the day after the election and he was riding down the street on his scooter yelling Obama! to every car that passed by. lol its so funny! lol
Well thats about it for this week! Good stuff is coming up and I cant wait! I cant believe that in December I'll have been out 6 months! and it is all in the same area! anyway I love you all!
Love ,
Elder John

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