Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was very hard!!! I was sick Tuesday thru Thursday.  Throwing up at members houses and stuff so ya haha.  But on a brighter note, Tiffany Shoemaker was baptized this week and I confirmed her on Sunday! She is awesome!!! So we have all of our investigators baptized but no new investigators so its kinda rough now, but im trying not to feel bad for myself since we've have like 5 baptisms! But our investigator Michael is still progressing, kinda... haha but our areas are doing well and the auxillaries are finally doing what they should and we are progressing that way.
sorry to be so boring but not a lot has happened this week, cause our entire appartment has been sick. Oh but wednesday we had a  talent show! it was pretty fun! then we had to be in by 6, bummer haha.
Our new elder in our appartment is awesome! he has been out 19 months and is hilarious!!! I attached a picture of him to this email and I'd like anyone who knows tommy boy to remember "tommy likie, tommy want wingie"
but anyway, I love this mission and love these people!!! our Recent converts are so cool! Zion Jones has been passing the sacrament for like a month and the Whites are still strong! And I am so excited for Rachael Farley because she has so much more to learn!!!
I love you,
Elder John
p.s. the pictures are, Elder Craft, And Tiffany Shoemaker

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