Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012

Dear Family,
Sorry I didnt email monday! we went to the temple today so our pday was switched! The temple was awesome! It's so great to go as a missionary!
Well Michael didnt think he was ready to be baptized so we will continue to work with him.  We taught a less active part memebr family this week! it went really well... the husband and 2 of the kids are not baptized so that will be awesome to teach them! We were finally able to get into some less active homes in both wards this week! we have the usual less active people that let us in and have a lesson but this week we were able to get in to people that have been anti and kinda sketchy. so ya things are going great! Elder Smith and I are getting along well, I have to sensor him sometimes but other than that its pretty good. Elder Smith has taught me to get out and work hard.  he is always willing to work and to do whatever we need to.
THanksgiving was great! we went to our stake presidents house, President Waite.  THen we went to teh Whites, recent converts. So it was pretty fun! oh and we had Turkey Bowl that morning! the whole mission gets together and we play football! two pools and 5 games... best of the two pools plays each other and guess who won.... Tule Springs Zone!!! (which is my zone lol) so ya there's some pictures attached of me holding the Turkey bowl trophy! haha I love it. pride is the only thing you have on a mission haha jk. well not much else is going on this week but I will keep you updated! I love the work and love the lord.
Elder John
P.s. read a talk given by Elder Holland, 'the Inconvenient Messiah' it does a fantastic job of explaining how things need to be done the Lords way!
and we also put up christmas lights!!! awesome! turns out I dont have to miss out after all!

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