Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 19, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was awesome!!! Wednesday Elder Larry Echo Hawk came to our
mission to do a mission tour. (he recently spoke in general conference) and
our Zone was the hosting zone! so it was pretty cool! We made sure our
apartment was extra clean, just in case he wanted to look around lol. But
we received a full day training by him and it was awesome! he told of his
conversion story and it was very spiritual!
WE have a part member/ less active family in one of our wards that really
needs help. the home teachers randomly stopped by and saw that they were
in dire straits. their power is about to be shut off and they don't have
much food. so we went over and then got to the compassionate service
director and got some food over to them. the husband is a really nice guy
and we are going to start the lessons with them this week! its great to see
how the gospel can change people!
Also, Michael set a date for baptism!!! we were talking with him and he put
down his head for about thirty second and then he said, "I have no reason
not to be baptized" so we set him with the 30th of November! he is starting
to try to back out and stuff but we Will not let him! lol awesome stuff
this week!
A less active in one of our wards cant come to church because of her health
but this week one of her nurses came over and was asking a bunch of
questions about the church. So she answered them and she said that it felt
like it just came to her! the right answers just came and she was able to
feel the spirit. So she gave her some stuff to read about the church and
this nurse was very interested. that is how missionary work should go. all
that tracting does is show the members that we are outside and not in our
apartment lol. we might as well be because it just doesn't do anything.
Members are our primary source for investigators and referrals that come
from members are the ones that are going to stay strong after they are
Well enough of my rant on how the wards need to work.. I love you all and I
cant believe that it is almost Christmas!!!
Elder John

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