Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was amazing!!! ok so... Monday we go to transfers and I have no Idea who my new missionary is going to be... no idea where our appartment is, no idea where our boundaries are... so we meet each other! awesome!!! we quote movies all of the time... well at least the appropriate time lol. so we go to our appartment after we drop some other misisonaries off... by this time we are late for dinner and we rush over and turns out these members are legit!!! the husband is this very awesome ward misisonary and he showed us around our area on tuesday. told us people to visit and a bunch of stuff! so now we kinda have a lay of the land. We met with this less active guy and after a while geneology came up so we are going to help him make a fan chart this tuesday! we then met with some investigators that the previousl missionaries dropped and they are totally awesome!!! then these investigators told us to visit this guy tjat is having some hard times, who is a member, so we visit him and it turns out he really needed it! Then the next day we visit with a less active family who told us that there are some nice people that live down the road... so we visit them and she answers the door and goes, "Elders!, we havent seen elders for a long time" so turns out their daughter is a member and they seem open to the Gospel! so we are going over there tomorrow!!!
Crazy week!!! 100% by the spirit! it was amazing!!! tracting in this area is so different! its not gated and there are way kinder people here! at least the non members are more kind than my previous area, not a diss on my last areas members lol. 
But there is a lot of work to be done here! and the bishop said that he see's something in us... we carry ourselves a lot better than previous missionaries!!! so memebr trust!!! lol
And we are giving talks in sacrament the week after christmas becasue our new investigators said they would come to church if we spoke... so we talked to the bishoprich and they said that will work!
WE are very fortunate to be in this area and cant wait to have things continue to grow!!!
Love you all!!!
Marry Christmas!
Love, Elder John

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