Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

Dear Family,
This week was awesome!!! well I guess these past few weeks! so Christmas was totally the best day ever!
So christmas eve we played basketball, cause its pday. and then we had diner at the Singletons, awesome family! then we went with our Zone Leaders over to one of their members, a Samoan family! it was really fun and very spiritual! they respect the missionaries like kings, its really cool to see. Then we went back to our appartment and did a white elephant gift exchange and then we dreamed of sugarplums and all of that jazz. Christmas day we woke up and Santa had come!!! at last at last we were able to open our long awaited presents! then we went to dennys and ate breakfast!! So good! then we finally got to talk to our families! it was funny with elder Golden cause he had just talked to his family like a month ago lol. then we went to dinner. oh and before dinner we got to meet a member of Neon Trees! the bassist! he's a member and was visiting his in-laws that live in our ward. I'll send a pic. so christmas was amazing!
This last sunday we got to speak and it was aweosme cause our investigators came to church to hear us speak! It seems like we've gained a lot of member trust and things are going to continue to pick up! I love these wards!!!
Well theres not much to write about... but the Bullmers, our investigators are doing well! I think I mentioned that we sang to them... or maybe I havent. so we went caroling sunday night, before Christmas, and we went to the Bullmers first... they were very touched and wanted to give us hugs... so we told them to hug the sister missionaries that were with us! she hugged them for like 5 minutes each! it was really cool... then we went to some other people... and this one guy we go to and after we sing he says 'I've seen this happen on tv but I never thought it would happen to me'. it turns our that we just went up to a random appartment and sang! so ya it was really cool to see peoples hearts soften.
Christmas was awesome and the members made it feel like we were with family. I love you all and have a great new year! talk to you in 2013!
Elder John
p.s. there is another Elder John in the mission so if you send me mail please address it to Elder Devin T. John

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