Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

This week has been great! we have had some great experiences and have been able to teach SO many people! I am so grateful for the success that we are recieving in this area! We are here to work and we are worthy for the people we are teaching. Our studies have been going great and I am grateful for a companion who is willing to be obedient and who is willing to work hard. This week has been also a struggle. I have had to humble myself and not worry about what others may think of me. We had an experience Saturday night. We go in, a second lesson, and in our previous lesson they just wanted someone to hang out with and just bible study. We told them that we don't do that and we are here to teach what we believe. Well we come in to this next lesson and we figured that we could just answer some of their questions about the church and share some more about the Restoraiton. well one of their questions was about the temple and I told them that we dont talk about those things becuase they are sacred. well after them prying and prying and finally they bought something up and I just stood up and said well thanks for letting us meet with you but if you cant respect our wishes then we will have to leave. 'we asked you multiple times not to talk about it and you kept going'. we we talked for a little longer about what we are here to teach... but I feel bad, not for standing up and saying we arent going to talk about these things anymore but just how I felt inside and how I felt toward them. I understand that they dont have the same connection that I do with sacred things but it was still tough. I'm working on humbling myself. It was a great experience because it will help me be more bold in the future ('The truth of God will go forth Boldly..."). They asked why people talk about sacred things and I said "well some people like to trample under their feet the things of God, and if you do so be it, but God will be the judge of both you and me."
So ya it was pretty great! haha
Well we've tauht the most lessons this week than I have in my mission! 11 lessons with a member present, 3 other lessons, and 11 Less active or recent convert. So we have been pretty busy! I dont know how it is in other missions but here that is pretty good!
I Love you all!
Elder John

p.s. any mail that you may send please send to Devin T. John. there's another Elder John in the mission. not that I'm asking fo mail but you know what I mean :)

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