Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Wow! this week has been awesome! Its a new year and everything is going great! so We got a new investigator! I think i may have already talked about this but it won't hurt to hear it agian :) So we were walking around this apartment complex to try to find these less active [people. and we were walking for like 30 minutes cause we couldnt find it. then we see this family and we say hi. then this lady is just standing in a parking space and she says 'hi boys' and I didnt realize she wasnt talking to us until midway through my sentance, as I said ,'Hi, we're the misisonaries! have you ever met with us before?' and she said no but she has been meaning to. so we gave her a copy of The Book of Mormon and she said she would read the introduction. we met with her this last thursday and she said 'amen' to everything we said! even the great apostasy! Elder Golden: "so gospel truths were lost" This lady: "Amen" haha so thats great!
So saturday we have our studies and do the 12 week program with my companion (the training process for new misisonaries and their trainers) and by this time its about 11ish... so I look out our window and I'm like 'where is our car' so we go outside and of course this is the first time I've ever left my backpack in the car (with my camera) and I was flippin out! so we call Elder Danda the Vehicle coordinator and say 'hey our car isnt where we parked it' so we find out after a lot of drama that it was towed... and a few weeks ago we had to change cars with some elders from another zone out in the sticks... and we didnt think to change the sticker... so apparently they thought I should pay for the tow... so mom and dad if you see 300 bucks missing from my bank account, thats why. but after me calling the president I got it worked out and I got the money back (drinks on me! jk). So ya it was a great way to spend our saturday!
Well that was all for this week... pretty eventful! I love you all and things are going great here in the Las Vegas West!!!

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