Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

This area is going to be great! Elder Pierre-Louis is a great Elder and is here to work! however I can tell that this transfer is going to be one that will be difficult but also full of joy.
I am one who needs to be on time to everything, and even early is preferable... Elder Pierre-Louis however is not like that. He is here to work but getting to the 'work' sometimes is the problem. We are, however, working things out and getting more organized so that we can get out faster. We are getting along great and that sometimes means me holding my tongue and just waiting for a few minutes. But I am excited for what this transfer will bring! I love Elder Pierre-Louis and cant wait to keep working! Elder Pierre-Louis is such a great Elder! He is really good at talking with people and relating to them in a very non thretening way and he can get any aspect of the gospel into any situation, while talking with people, and have it not be awkward... which is something that I am very impressed with and something that I admire in him! He is a fantastic teacher!!!
Well we had the baptism of Chelsea this week, something that I got to fall into since being transfered to this new area! so we go over to chelseas house to make programs for the baptism and see what all she wants and it turns ot that the nonmember dad is going to be out of town for a while so... they asked if we can do a fontside confirmation... which is against church policy so we get to call the mison president! So I got to call and explain the situation and then got to call the bishop and call the misison president again!! hurray!!! then that afternoon, after we get permission to do a fontside confirmation, they text and ask if their friendcan do a hula called 'the prayer' because it will mean a lot to the family(they are hawaiian) well since the baptismal service is a church meeting... not necessarliy the converts meeting... we got to go ahead and do it anyway!!! lol but it turns out that the hula was very spiritual and it turned out great!  The Fontisde confermation seemed to be a good thing for the family and the family was really touched by the entire meeting!
Things always go horrible the week before the baptism but then right after the baptism everything is great!!! haha I love being a missionary!!!
We are looking forward to working with the ward better, since we just cover the Hillpointe ward! the ward is really excited for us to be here and to be focused on them! We are focused with the ward misison leader to get everything very organized so that the work can continue to progress! This ward is very good at finding people to teach and setting it up for us, since our call is to find, TEACH, and baptize! (the other wards I was in did that as well! but just saying!)
This is going to be a great area and I am looking forward to the future!
Elder John
Keep the Faith
2Tim 4:7

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