Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Dear Family,
This week was GREAT!! so we were able to
This week went great! Elder Pierre-Louis and I are getting along great and things are starting to pick up!
We were able to get a new investigator this week as well. She was a referrel and we biked all the way to the top corner of our area and contacted her. Susan was previously catholic and her husband died a few months ago.  While we were teaching the first lesson we were talking about the apostacy and bout different doctrine that was changed in several churched. She asked us to tell her what doctrine was changed and we told her about infant baptism and how people become 'Saints' and different things and she said 'that isnt doctrine, thats just stuff that man put into the church' haha!!! she is GOLDEN! so hopefully we can get her with a date for baptism soon!
After we met with her we had to ride FAST to our appointment that we were already late for, up the hill!!! (both ways) and when we got there, 7 people were sitting there to be at the lesson with our investigator! its great to have ward support but that was a lot of people at a lesson!
We have lists that have the name of streets in specific areas of our ward and the less actives that live on the streets and while we were making visits on wednesday I acidentaly wrote the wrong number down for the wrong street (this we found out yesterday) and while we were over there making the visit we talked to the neighbor of the house we were going to and set up to do service for her today! We cleaned out her garage and put it all back and she invited us to dinner soon! so hopefully we can get her to be an inestigator! I told Elder Pierre-Louis, yesterday, that the Lord blessed me for my stupidity.
We have a few other progresing investigators and we are working hard at getting new investigators by going through our former investigator list.
Elder Pierre-Louis is GREAT! is has no fear when talking with people, which is something that I need to work on.  Last night we were riding to a potential investigators house and when they werent home we rode back up the street and saw some kids coming out of a house. so instead of talking with the kids on the street, elder Pierre-Louis just went up and knocked on the door so we could talk strait to the mom instead. it was awesome because this lady might actually listen to us!
I am also going to try to get permission to go to Aprils baptism this week in my last area!!! I'll be able to see everyone in that area and see some of the investigators that Elder Golden and I taught there as well!
Things are going well with us here in the hillpointe ward and I cant wait for this next week!
Love you all! thanks for your support!
Elder John

"Let what will come, dont deny the faith, and all will be well." -Joseph Smith

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