Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Dear Family,
This week I am being transferred to Red Rock stake in the Hill Point Ward! My new companion is Elder Pierre-Louis! I'm really sad to leave this area but I'm excited for new experiences and a new area! I will miss all of the people in the San Miguel and North Star YSA wards! I will surely be back to visit in 14 months! 
So this week we had a great zone conference! Also, we got to see one of our investigators that was out of town and we will hopefully get her with a date for baptism! Then I will come back and visit.  
Oh so fun story!! we were knocking doors and the first house we knock on said 'we are Born Again, Go Away!'... so we knocked the rest of the street and on the way back we knocked on this door across from the 'born again' house and the daughter of the lady that answered the door said, 'get those Jehovah's witnesses to come and rake our yard and we will convert' so Elder Golden and I went over and Elder Golden said 'ya we will rake your yard! and you don't have to convert either' so we started raking and they didn't have the guts to say that they were joking so... after finishing their yard we became great friends with them. They also offered us a job in southern California so we said we would think about it after our missions haha... so it was great to take a situation that could have just been a dumb remark and turn it into a great experience where we can hopefully be able to teach the Gospel to them one day. 
We were also able to teach Abel and talk about baptism and joining the church. His whole family is Catholic so he says it would be hard to change... but he also said that if he feels the spirit confirm to him the truth of the church, it really doesn't matter what his family thinks! we told him to write down questions and watch conference and see them get answered! I am so grateful we are able to have a prophet and apostles that we can trust! and be able to tell people that their questions will be answered, if they search deep down in their soul! 
We also found out that Miranda, our recently baptized member in the ysa ward, watched conference and she took notes!!! she has always had the best questions and I cant wait to see what questions she wrote down and see how they were answered! 
Sorry this email is so boring but there weren't too many intense spiritual experiences... but thanks to everyone in the San Miguel and North Star ysa wards!!! love ya! 
And thanks for the support family!

Elder John 

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