Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9, 2012

Hey! So did my room get flooded? haha well anyway... this week was a little slow becasue of the 4th but we still got out and were teaching people. on the 4th we went to a members house and had a bbq then went down the street and they did illegal fireworks on the street.... every member bought like 1200 dollars worth of fireworks and it was crazy! So sunday we were just sitting down and only one of our investigators came to church and then this black guy comes in out of nowhere and we meet him and he sits next to us. his name is Michael and he just came in off the street. we sang the battle hymn of the republic and he sounded amazxing! the whole ward was looking back to see who it was! then we sang America the beautiful and it was awesome! he also did Halleluja hands!!! the bishop was laughing! it was awesome! so then we went to his house around 6 that night and taught him the first lesson and he's very knowledgable and crazy!! so we just told him to read the book of mormon and stuff... it was pretty crazy! but! this was the first time that i think i taught by the spirit and asked inspired questions because after elder wong said 'teh spirit was definitely there, i mean some of the questions you aksed...' haha because thats what I struggle with the most is asking inspired questions but it really came out this time! and I shared the first vision and said, very strongly, that I know that he saw God the Father and His son Jesus Christ... and it was amazing! but this guy is kinda crazy so hopefully he'll come around. well i love you! love Elder John

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