Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 2

My first real day in the mission field!  In comp study we went through the plan of salvation  ___ a part member family, but she cancelled us tonight.  We then  ___ the appointment since it was our p day.  Then we did some shopping.  Went to the Library and did e-mails and then we went to dinner at the ___ family.  They're super rich and really awesome!  They  own two Rembrandts!    They took us to Red Robin, yum.  I was told to share a spiritual thought about two minutes before.  So I talked about___being hit with pride and it ended up killing them.  Then I challenged them to pray  to check their pride levels lol.  They really liked that allegory in 1 Nephi 4:9.
  But then we went to meet the bishop then went to talk to the sister that stiffed us.
Oh, and it is my first day on a bike!  The bike is so awesome!  All of the missionaries are jealous.  I love ride a bike.  Today was 100 degrees so ya.  I'm so glad its dry heat.

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