Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 2, 2012

Hey! First week went great! it was very weird at first but its going well now... i just started to come out of my shell so it will take a while to get out of the 'beginning' stage of thinking and into the 'middle' stage like pres Uchdorf said. but the members are very great! we have meals every night and are booked for months! members are always trying to set up appointments. I'm going to have to work out very hard to not gain weight here! oh! and everyone, when I say I'm from Colorado, ask if I'm close to the fires and I'm like 'I hope not' so its good to know you're not. We met a guy tracting on Friday! he let us in to get some water and we talked about the book of Mormon. He said he's read it before and also scrutinized it. (idk how to spell that word). He's a minister. we asked him if he's ever prayed about it and he said no. so we asked him to pray about it and he seemed willing. the work is really picking up! the members and bishops of both the wards I'm in are very happy to have us here, missionaries who are ready to get to work! I'll also try to send some pictures next week cause I forgot my camera today, we go to the library so ya... and if you could... whenever you send another package for whatever reason... send the rest of my ties. cause I'm going to need all of them, please! And thanks so much for the package with my sheets and food and medicine! I went and bought some dayquil because i was sick the first part of this week so ya. and if you could also get all of my friends email addresses cause we are allowed to email them if we have time. (first we email family, then Pres Black, then friends) so ya! well I look forward to doing some work this week! oh and you'll read about this family in my letter home but i taught my first lesson yesterday, to a part member family! we go over there every Sunday and Monday night and go over what happened in church, if they came, and do fhe with them on Mondays! well I love you! Love, Elder John

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