Friday, July 27, 2012

July 18, 2012

Today was great! last night Elder Lopez came over and we had companionship exchanges. He was coming into our area and Elder Wong was going into the Zone Leaders area. Last night I was freaking out because I had no Idea what to do in our area. But today was Great! We went and visited some less active members but no one was home. So we did the 3-3-3 rule. We go and treact 3 houses in each direction, after a visit. Then we taught Michael at bro Mathews house. Bro Mathews is perfect for Michael because of his similar conversion process. We then tracted and Elder Lopex put a good twist on things. he said "We are in an area of our ward for a reason so we are going to find someone who we can have an effect on". So just having a good outlook is everything and each time we found someone who could be interested.
We found this lady, Lisa, who might let us in sometime! we discussed a little about the Book of Mormon and said we'd like to give her a copy and she said 'for free?' so it was pretty great.
So today was good because i finally realized what missionary work is and how to do it!
Elder Lopez also said that the mission brings out all of our weaknesses and faults so he said that I don't need to feel bad that I think I suck at everything. haha

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