Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 3

Today was great we had our first lesson together with this kid who is like a ___ or a part member family.  Elder Wong's former companion was leaving the next transfer so he didn't want to do anything.  Tonight, when we were studying, he asked me if I'd be alright tracking tomorrow for 2 hours and I was like ya!  And he was so grateful that I wanted to actually do something.  We met the bishop and ___________.  He was very  excited that I was here and ready to work.  The ward hadn't had good missionaries for awhile.  It was 107 degrees tonight at 7:00 so it was hot riding a bike.  We got 2 new investigators today!    It's hard to learn who everyone is and where they live.  It's even worse since we cover two wards!!!  We ate at the ____ tonight and they are pretty awesome!  We get dinner every night!  We're so spoiled and everyone's rich:)  Then we met with the ward mission leader, Bro. Gover.  He's pretty awesome.  So that's all for today.  Love ya.  Love, Elder John

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