Monday, August 20, 2012

Friday August 10, 2012

Today was amazing! WE decided to go tract a street on the way to visit a potential investigator.. and the first person we met came out, 18 yr old, and started to talk and said 'i don't like standing so can we sit?' so we sat on the cement in 111 degree weather and taught an hour and a half lesson! and he said he might come to church Sunday! then we had a lesson with Michael tonight and it went well. we have to regn him in and we're doing better at it. the spirit was working so well through us. I talked about how I see him as a person worthy for the temple and we talked about the temple and how baptism is the first step , not the last. theres a lot more and we got him so close to setting a date for baptism! But it was great!
So lately my anxiety about just everything has totally gone away. Its like a weight has been lifted from my back! literally! Read mosiah 24! its literally like that! Its going so great!!! whoever is reading this, if you are just starting your mission or having a hard time.. things will get better. "some blessings come soon, some come late, and some didn't come til heaven" but I know they will come. take each moment as each moment. "moments are the molecules that make up eternity"
Don't be afraid of yourself. don't be afraid of your potential.
Elder John

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