Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday August 31, 2012

today was great! we read with sister white and she is so solid! we're going to bring her to a baptism tomorrow!
the ending of the day was also great! we went by Michael's and dropped off some food that a member gave us for him and when we got there he wasn't at his house so we called and called him. then he came out of his neighbors house and said he had just drank a beer. so elder Wong and I were just like "what the crap"! but we talked for a bit and asked if we could give him a blessing, cause he's been going through a really hard time, and he said yes. Which is surprising because he didn't want one before. so we explained a little more about the blessing and I was able to give him the blessing. It was crazy because, after, I felt like my spirit was just totally drained and it felt like the evil in him went inside of me... it sucked! but I hope he feels good! haha

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