Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saturday September 1, 2012

Today was interesting. last night we got a call from on of our investigators/part member families and they said they thought they had a ghost in their house and wanted us to bless the home or something.. so we called their home teacher and bishop Richins and us went over this morning. we talked about it for a while then gave a blessing and it was awesome! cause he commanded the spirits to leave and you could feel the spirit come into the home! (the good spirit haha)
Mary white came to the baptism and loved it! she said it just really hit her hard! we also invited her to come to this Fun Run we are having in the Stake on Monday, and she was really excited! her and her husband are extreme outdoors men. so things are going well with them!
We then had a lesson with Michael and we were waiting forever and he showed up just as we were leaving. so we had two young men there and talked with him and taught a little about the temple and he asked about tithing and we committed him to keep the law of tithing after he is baptized.

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