Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

sorry this email and ther others are short but not much is going on... we have transfers this week so we'll see what happens... Im doing really well!!! thank you so much for your emails and also for the boxes!!! the boxes are how I'm going to get through the mission!!! lol I really enjoyed the oatmeal and the yogurt and nature valley bars!!! if you could make any cds and send them that would be great! like 'dances with wolves' and 'rudy' or any other soundtracks that are purely instrumental... and any classical music. oh and handels messiah!!! if you could send that sometime! thank you so much!!!
Im doing really well!!! the homesickness is kinda over... I'm pretty much accepted that this is my home now... although I miss you and everybody like crazy... its not as crapy as it was before. These last two transfers have gone crazy fast... even though I only have 15 more to go haha but the mission will go by really fast!!! I dont have much time today but I love you and I love everyone that supports me! tell them thank you for the letters and I look forward to them! also if you could ask bishop bertoldo where his brother lives in vegas that would be awesome!
Love You!

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