Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

hey family!
so this week was great! Wednesday I received a call from president Black saying that I'm going Senior companion... so I was like ok great thats kinda cool... then thursday I get a call from the Assistants and they say I'm getting Elder Andrew James Smith, who has been out longer than me! so I'm pretty nervous! 
Sunday we had the baptism for Zion Jones and it was awesome! there were over 120 people in the relief society room... we were gonig to move it to the chapel but we just had to start. 
it was aweosme cause the guy who baptized zion, his cousin Aaron (in his late 30's), said that this was a long time coming...zions dad, before he died blessed him that he would get baptized. but the rest of the family are not members so the fathers family, after he died, hads been trying hard to get him baptized and has tried many different sets of elders. but he was so appreciative of us and it made me feel really good. 
so this week is going to be hard but we'll get to work and start knocking doors! Love You All!!!
Love Elder John

so today was transfers and I got to meet Elder SMith. so then we went to dinner at the Dailys which was fun.

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