Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 11: June 16, 2012

Dear family,
Today was great! We taught a woman who was a street contact and so we had no idea what to prep for. We knocked on the door and it was very awkward at first but them we got to talking and she brought up how the trinity doesn’t make sense and it, after forty minutes, led to the first vision and it went great! We almost committed her to baptism but we didn’t have time. But she gave us a poem she wrote for her father and she gave us a copy and wrote Keith John on it. English isn’t her first language so none of it makes sense. 
But at the end of the day our teacher told us that he taught 2 other districts who were getting ready to leave and we were months ahead of them because we were “willing to pay the price to receive revelation.”
My companion also hit bottom today, as I did the other day. But he’s better now and our companionship has grown. As you are on a mission the veil is so thin that you can realize the power of the Savior and the power of the devil. We are also on such a spiritual high all the time that we don’t realize we’re feeling the spirit most of the time. And our teacher pointed out that he does into “Babylon” every day and comes into the MTC and realizes that we’re always in the spirit.
So today we went through trials and had great experience. I’m so excited for Sunday! Even though every day is Sunday L Oh! And we have “in field orientation” Mondy, so we don’t have a prep day and we leave the MTC on the 25th so we’ve only had one p-day at the MTC. Anyway... I love you all so much!
Elder John

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