Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 2: June 7, 2012

Dear family,
So today was our first class period! It was like 4 hours long but we all felt the spirit and had a great experience! I started to get a little nervous since we’re teaching our first investigator tomorrow morning. Also my companion is a little immature. So, at first, I didn’t think I’d get along with him spiritually. Our companionship study times weren’t really going too well. It felt like I was just reading instead of listening to the spirit. But as the day went on and we made our lesson plan for tomorrow, which is not as easy task, we began to grow together. Today I got my first mail from my parents so that was really exciting! I also saw Elder Downey! At first I was like “Dude!” But then I corrected myself and said “Elder!” and then we hugged and I said “Dude!” then “Elder!” haha Well today was a great experience to grow close to my district and my companion! It’s a blast!
Elder John

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