Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 13: June 18, 2012

Dear family,
So today is Monday the 18th, I think. We have in field orientation and we’re learning a lot of things that can help us start conversations. I see now how Lisa can go up to random people and have the skills to relate to them! The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve will be here this week and an elder from our zone gets to pass the sacrament to them. I met Chelsea’s cousin who reported the same day as me.
Simon Dewey’s son is in our zone! Which is pretty awesome!
Well I don’t have much time left, have to get to in field orientation. But I arrive in Las Vegas at 8:55 am Monday the 25th so look for my pic on the mission blog next week.
I love you all!
Elder John
All of my letter you can forward to whomever or put in on the blog or whatever. Here are some more letters from each day. If you could keep them organized and in a safe place that would be great!
Pres. Hendersen (our Branch Pres.)
“Work hard and sleep well”  

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