Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 5: June 10, 2012

Dear family,
Today was great! First Sunday in the MTC! Yesterday was difficult. I was just consumed with myself and we couldn’t feel the spirit when we taught.
Today we finally got taught and we didn’t have to teach it to an investigator after!
We got to hear from Elder Allen today! (an area authority) He showed a bunch of clips of Mormon commercials and there were a bunch of great quotes I’ll send you sometime! But it was great!
Also we got to sing in the choir which was awesome! We sang Be Still My Soul, which helped with this crappiness :)
Back to what Elder Allen said, he said that this is the hardest part of the mission. And that was great to hear because it is really hard. But it’s difficult to explain it.
The elders and sisters in our district are amazing!
                -Sister Williams – She’s from Canada going to a Canadian mission. She’s very confident in herself and she sometimes says things that could come across as mean but she’s just blunt. But she’s really a great person!
                -Sister Fishcer – She’s a very matter of fact person and very logical! She gives everyone a compliment and she’s a great listener. And she’s not afraid to tell her opinion.
                -Sister Coon (?) – She’s very shy. But she’s a great listener. And is very in touch with the spirit.
                -Sister Salfi – is from Canada- on her way to Denver South. She thinks every question she asks is stupid but she still speaks with authority and is a very caring person who is concerned about everyone.
                -Elder Tanner – from Virginia – Las Vegas West – he’s a very smart person and is a logical thinker who knows a lot about the scriptures. Whenever he walks he’s all stiff and it’s hilarious!
                -Elder Empy – from Texas – Las Vegas West – he’s the first person I met when I came into my classroom. He’s awesome! We so hope we’ll be companions someday!
                -Elder Chapman – from Farmington, New Mexico, to Las Vegas West. He has some problems catching up. And has not read the Book of Mormon. But he brings a different spirit to our lessons.

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