Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 4: June 9, 2012

Dear family,
Today was the most difficult day mentally. This work is tough on the mind, spirit, and body. Our lessons have not been going well... My companion and I haven’t been teaching well so far. But after all it is the first 4 days. But today we learned more about how to plan so our personal and companionship study can fit what the investigator needs.
We got a new investigator today, whom we teach on Tuesday. So that’s very stressful.
I see other missionaries who have been here 10 days and envy them because they know so much. But I have to keep telling myself that I’ll get there if I have trust in the Lord and exercise faith.
Also, Brother Beheshti, a teacher in our zone, came in and told a story about two couples on Strawberry Reservoir. It was in January so the water was very cold. Their boat tipped and they decided that one couple would stay with the boat and go with the current and another couple would try to swim against the current, since it was a shorter distance. After 4 hours, the couple with the boat reached shore and realized that the man of the other couple couldn’t find his wife. So they went into town and got a search party, of which Brother Beheshti was a member. After hours of scanning the shore the fire marshal forced everyone to come in and take a rest. So they all went in and there was a seat empty... So they went out and saw the husband of the lady missing outside looking. After a while they forced him to come in. He picked up his hot chocolate and slammed it on the table and went out looking for her. Brother Beheshti said that we have an investigator that we should spend every spare second we have to try and find them.
It made me finally forget myself today and focus on the investigator again.
Love you all.
Elder John

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