Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 9: June 14, 2012

Dear family,
Yesterday and today was the most depressed I’ve felt. I’ve been thinking of myself and my inadequacies in teaching. But our teacher felt impressed to share a story. When she was about a year into her mission she had been feeling really depressed and she was just sleeping and feeling sorry for herself. She heard a voice tell her to just get over herself and go to work. She told us that we can choose to be happy. So I applied it right then!
Then in the afternoon we got to meet with Brother Taylor and he taught us how to receive revelation through prayer, and I was asked to be the investigator in the demonstration. I prepped to be the investigator and I really was expecting to just pretend and go through motions. But I had a great experience after I prayed as the investigator to feel that what the missionaries taught me was true. And after we just sat there and thought about it and I could feel the spirit so strong!
We then got to practice with each other and Elder Murry and I went into a room and he was the investigator. We went through some of his problems and I asked him to pray. We got on the floor and it took him 10 minutes to finish the prayer and it was difficult because I didn’t know what to say. But as I sat in silence I could feel the words that I should say.
After we had finished I said to Elder Murry, “I didn’t do too well.” Then he said, “Did you feel the spirit?” I said “yes.” Then he said, “I felt the spirit, and if you feel the spirit and the investigator feels the spirit, you can’t say you didn’t do a good job.”
Then Brother Taylor came in and asked how it went. I told him that it went great and we talked a little bit about it. He then said, “So next time think more, ‘did I help them come unto Christ’, and not, ‘how did I do in teaching’.”
These last few days I’ve learned a lot of how the Spirit words and how the devil works in my life. I’m very grateful to be serving a mission and I can’t wait to be in the field!
I love you all!!!
Elder John

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